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jessh replied to topic New to Ballarat-all alone!!!

Hi I moved from a small town of 13,000 people to Ballarat about 6 months ago, I still feel like a tourist. I don't really get out much and hubby works afternoon shift and sleeps most of the day s...

Saturday 26 January 07:57pm

jessh replied to topic **Ballarat Mummy**

HI I'm Jess I live in Ballarat. I am 32 with a two year old DD Shayla and a 7 week old DS Aiden. [Edited on 25/01/2008] [Edited on 25/01/2008]

Saturday 26 January 07:46pm

jessh replied to topic Bassinette Sheets

I'm the same as Monty, I use a wrap, as you don't have to buy sheets that you will only use for a short while. Plus some of DD's wraps were pink so I use them as a sheet for DS and wrap him in the...

Saturday 26 January 07:40pm

jessh replied to topic Packing Away toys!

My DD will pick up her toys and put them in the box if she sees you doing it. ATM she has a habit of up ending the box and tipping all the toys on the floor then dragging the empty box to the kitc...

Saturday 26 January 07:34pm

jessh replied to topic Professional Photos

I got pixie photos of DD done when she was 8 months. We had to wait an hour while a family with 4 children were in front of us. DD was teething and cranky by the time we got them done so her pics...

Saturday 26 January 07:22pm

jessh replied to topic What is Your Fave Stone?

I love ruby, sapphire, blue topaz and purple topaz. My birthstone is ruby and we used to have a dog called Ruby. I wear purple topaz, diamonds, yellow topaz (DH bought it for me, it is DD's birth...

Saturday 26 January 07:16pm

jessh replied to topic what rock's in your engagement ring?

I have three diamonds in my engagement ring, one big two small, I have three diamonds in my wedding band, and three yellow topaz's (DD's birthstone) in my eternity ring one big two small. I am goi...

Saturday 26 January 06:57pm

jessh replied to topic would you choose the...

Obviously someoen has a great sense of humour!! personally I wouldn't pick it but I guess it is up to them.

Saturday 26 January 06:39pm

jessh replied to topic Im friggin exhausted and....

LOL at oyur brother telling you to put the wine in the fridge when he is standing in front of it!! You poor thing, they should help you!!! next time you are at their house do what they are doing ...

Saturday 26 January 06:36pm

jessh replied to topic Did I Miss The Memo

I'm here not that that means much, I have two kids who are driving me nuts and need 'time out'

Saturday 26 January 06:31pm

jessh replied to topic have you ever dobbed someone in

Good on you for ringing them and don't feel bad, you are only helping the kittens and they will be much better off out of that place. I am sure most of the kittens will be adopted out, kittens and...

Saturday 26 January 06:02pm

jessh replied to topic First two's

Two Names You Go By: 1. Jess 2. mum Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: 1. bra 2. underwear Two things you want in a relationship. 1. love 2. equality Two of your favourite things to d...

Saturday 26 January 05:47pm

jessh replied to topic I want to like you but I don't

Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book. I don't like my MIL. I hate the way she treats my DH. She favours her 2 daughters over her son, which I think is unfair. She will do more for them t...

Saturday 26 January 05:34pm

jessh replied to topic Advice for a migraine please?

I suffer migraines too. I never had them during pregnancy though!! sometimes I vomit and pass out or lose the sight in one of my eyes. My doc gave me Imagrine which is $10 a tablet and doesn't d...

Saturday 26 January 10:06am

jessh replied to topic would you..................

My husband and I have both only slept with one other person before we got together. He had had a one night stand and I had gone out with a guy for about a year.

Saturday 26 January 09:59am

jessh replied to topic What is your favourite song of all time??

My favourite song of all time is Guns n' Roses, Sweet Child O'Mine.

Saturday 26 January 09:50am

jessh replied to topic All family tax benefits to be means tested

I think we should wait until it comes in to make a judgement. It may not be as bad as you think.

Saturday 26 January 09:48am

jessh replied to topic Is it just us?

I prefer people to call first. We get a late start in the mornings, hubby works till midnight and DD gets up a 9 -9.30. I also like to make sure the house is neat so people aren't tripping over t...

Saturday 26 January 09:44am

jessh replied to topic WHAT DO YOU THINK????

I am a proud Aussie but we don't celebrate Australia day, although we may have a BBQ because it is a day off

Friday 25 January 06:15pm

jessh replied to topic Heath Ledger-dead

How tragic, he was such a wonderful actor and came across as being a genuine person during interviews. My heart breaks for his daughter, the pics we saw of him with her, he really looked like a do...

Thursday 24 January 06:16pm
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