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biteme1978 replied to topic how do I clean his penis?

you just wipe over it and under it. dont pull forskin back. not sure what age you do but.

Friday 04 November 09:46pm

biteme1978 replied to topic Wheat allergy

How did you find out about his wheat allergy? My 6 yr old daughter is allergic to gluton, it took ages to diagnose her as we had no idea what was wrong with her and not many doctors know about it n...

Wednesday 26 October 05:55pm

biteme1978 started new topic My big buddah

My boy is going back to new born days, He's having his bottles every 2.5 - 3 hours plus cereal at night time. He's grown sooo much, The last time he was weighed he was 7.49 kgs and that was on the...

Wednesday 26 October 05:37pm

biteme1978 replied to topic sleep pattern changed!!

My boy has started the same thing since his 4 month needles last week, he kept waking up with a cough and now the cough has gone he's still waking up wanting a bottle, I've started giving him 2 mea...

Friday 14 October 10:21am

biteme1978 started new topic second immunisation shots help

my 16 week old boy had his second lot of needles last wednesday and since thursday night he's been waking up at 3 am coughing like anything, it's a real wet cough too. Does anyone think it's rela...

Wednesday 12 October 12:53pm

biteme1978 replied to topic I know you are suppose to sterilise bottles until 12 months

My midwife told me they encourage not to sterilise anymore as they dont get use to bugs and can pick things up more easily and make them sick, I haven't sterilised since my boy was born and he has...

Saturday 08 October 09:20am

biteme1978 replied to topic How many bottles does your 4 month have??

My boy is 4 months old today he hasa full bottle between 8.00 and 9.00 am of 265 mls then another between 12.00 of about 200 mls then another at about 3.00 pm of about 220 mls then another at about...

Saturday 08 October 09:15am
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