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TinaV replied to topic Controlled Crying on a 4mth old?

Hi We had a very similar problem three months ago: My daughter was/is formula-fed. At 6 weeks of age she started to have a really hard tummy and she cried desperately after each feed. As a result...

Sunday 09 October 10:15am

TinaV replied to topic Problems with dairy????

Hi My DS is now 3.5 years old. As a baby he used to vomit pretty often after eating yogurt. It wasn't the case for all brands, but I could never really define what types of yogurts work. I simply ...

Wednesday 10 August 04:43am

TinaV replied to topic Colour Blindness in 3 year old boy

We has the same worry... We finally used an easy test: We gave DS lots of colored building blocks (we used duplo) and told him to sort them. The red and green will be mixed if your son is colour bl...

Saturday 04 December 04:36am

TinaV replied to topic Please help - Dummies during sleep

Hi I had the same problem when my son was 3-4 months old. I couldn't cope with the idea that he would make me get up every hour or so until 8 months old (when they should be able to get the dummy ...

Wednesday 22 September 06:24pm

TinaV replied to topic No day time sleep

My DS is 2 years and 8 months old. He sometimes has weeks were he doesn't have sleep a midday for a day or two, but he always goes back to having a nap. We call these days the grumpy days. On norma...

Monday 23 August 04:38am

TinaV replied to topic Some help Please!!

My DS was a cat-napper. He only ever slept 45min in a row (during the day) until he was 13 months old. However he was never unhappy in-between the sleeps. I therefore gave up on trying to resettle ...

Wednesday 11 August 08:24pm

TinaV replied to topic what is the best toddler clock???

We love the Kid's Sleep Toddler Clock. The travel version isn't too expensive (I've got mine for 35AUD, but that was on sale) and my DS inmediately understood the meaning of the sleeping and the aw...

Friday 16 July 04:05am

TinaV replied to topic 18 month wont sleep

I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, you must be terribly tired. My own son has been sleeping around 11-12 hours per 24 hours as a newborn and is now doing less than that. Our nights used to...

Wednesday 14 July 04:42am


I agree with the others: you may have to be a bit hard on her for a few days until she settles back into the old routine. I don't mean letting her cry for hours - simply making clear that the night...

Monday 12 July 09:08pm

TinaV replied to topic What would you do??

I have the same problem: our family usually drinks skim milk (2% fat) and I still buy every week full cream milk (4%) for my DS. I have been considering for some time to change him to the other mil...

Sunday 11 July 06:07am

TinaV replied to topic trouble sleeping

I agree that he can't be hungry all night. But perhaps he is thirsty?? My son has been sleeping with a sippy cup of water in the corner of his cot (now bed) since 14 months old. Once we introduced...

Thursday 08 July 04:06pm

TinaV replied to topic Been moved to next room up at Childcare

My son also wasn't very happy after changing to the 2-3 year room. It took him quite some time to get used to the bigger kids and the fuller program. We probably had 6-8 weeks of tantrums until ev...

Thursday 08 July 04:02pm

TinaV replied to topic Not eating

I feel your pain. My 16month old was an absolutely fantastic eater. Would eat all friuts and veg and now all of a sudden won't eat anything except chips or avaocado - so it feels like anyway. I've...

Wednesday 07 July 12:16am

TinaV replied to topic HELP!! Not eating....

First of all I would like to say that a toddler's food intake can vary a lot from day to day, even week to week, and it is quite normal that they eat less than they did as a baby because their grow...

Sunday 04 July 10:41pm

TinaV replied to topic Twins Waking Constantly

Hi I have been in a similar situation and unfortunately I never found a proper solution. My son always went to bed perfectly, it was never a problem. But he never used to sleep long hours (13h/24h...

Wednesday 30 June 04:21pm

TinaV replied to topic Ok, totally over this sillyness

Hi I like to use tough love for all night problems with my DS (since he was 13 months - not when he was a baby), so perhaps my idea doesn't suit you. But how about... Telling him that if he leave...

Monday 28 June 06:49pm

TinaV replied to topic breast and formula

Hi I wouldn't try it... Not so early anyway... It is my understanding that you need regular feeding at the beginning to properly start the milk production. But I'm sure other people will be able t...

Monday 28 June 06:40pm

TinaV replied to topic going from cot/sleeping bag to big bed/quilt

Hi I agree with mumofstellaandzara, if he doesn't call out he is probably perfectly ok. However if you are really worried, I'm happy to share our step by step approach... We changed Léo into a s...

Sunday 27 June 03:34am

TinaV replied to topic Fussy eating- even vomits!

I need help as well. My daughter just turned 1 and she struggles with anything lumpy! She has only just started having a few finger foods for morning and afternoon tea and at lunch. She doesnt rea...

Sunday 27 June 03:18am

TinaV replied to topic Travailing on a plane with a toddler?

Hi I'm not sure how old your girl is... I have been flying with my DS to Europe and back once a year. In my experience the flights change a lot with the age of the child - and this was confirmed b...

Friday 25 June 09:11pm
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