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AHC&L replied to topic What size clothes is ur 6 month old in?

DS2 is just in size 0 now. I went out to get him a few long onesies the other day cos it was a bit cooler, so I got 2 size 00 and I found a really nice one in 0 so I thought 'that will be nice for ...

Monday 15 February 08:11pm

AHC&L replied to topic I REALLY NEED help with my 7 month old

Hi Amz13, Im in pretty much the same boat as you. I have a nearly 3 year old and a 6 month old. My first was a TEEEEEERRIBLE sleeper till he was 1, and I SWORE I'd never let my second fall into t...

Sunday 14 February 07:15pm

AHC&L replied to topic Does this sound like a milk allergy / lactose into

for sure. my boy was the same. he's now 3 and has grown out of it but i still give him soy milk.

Sunday 14 February 06:13pm

AHC&L replied to topic ADVICE NEEDED 6mo eating solids, how many bottle/breast feeds does he need?

I am so glad I stumbled upon this thread! I FEEL SO GUILTY! I have 2 boys, the younger one is 6 months, and some days I totally forget that I have to give him solids!! Because the past 6 months hav...

Sunday 14 February 05:43pm

AHC&L replied to topic Decreased appetite and feeling a little down

The first few months are so hard when you feel like that. I did ESPECIALLY with my second one (he's 6 months now but it feels like he was 5 weeks old only yesterday!!). The difference with the seco...

Sunday 14 February 11:39am

AHC&L replied to topic My little Yes/No man - 32m old problems

So today I was all geared up to not give DS a sleep, I got my head ready to not have any time to myself....AND HE ASKED TO HAVE A SLEEP! NEVER has he EVER asked for a sleep?!?!?!? hahahahahahaha...

Sunday 14 February 11:24am

AHC&L replied to topic Why so nasty?

Perfect advice Kezzabelle! I've found that with the second child people tend to assume you know what your doing and dont give you any advice at all. The only problem is that if you ASK for some, t...

Sunday 14 February 11:19am

AHC&L replied to topic FACEBOOK FRIENDS?

Hi, I hope to also join in the new little community you have going on! I can be found at, and PLEASE join my group (for my new little collection of babies wears) http://www.face...

Sunday 14 February 11:04am

AHC&L started new topic Mini Envy for kids <3

HI! I have just started a collection of onesies from size 0000 to 1 and would LOVE you to take a look at them. Im a mother of 2 boys and started Mini Envy after my second son was born. As mother...

Sunday 14 February 11:00am

AHC&L replied to topic My little Yes/No man - 32m old problems

TD6261 THANKS! I think thats EXACTLY what my DS (nearly 3yrs old) is going through too. ITS A NIGHTMARE and we were up till 11.30pm last night with his 'games'. I am SO over it and feel like contro...

Saturday 13 February 01:52pm

AHC&L replied to topic 3.5 year old can't pronounce k,c,g and more...

We went to a speech therapist for my 2.5 yr old DS last year as he seemed to be a bit behind the others with his talking, and we were told he was FINE and that all kids are totally unique when it c...

Saturday 13 February 01:39pm

AHC&L replied to topic Need some good advise for getting 22 month old out of cot and into her own "big" bed

My DS was put into his toddler bed (converted cot) at 2.5yrs old cos he was climbing out of the cot, and we thought it would be less of a novelty climbing out of the bed so we changed him. WHAT A N...

Saturday 13 February 01:31pm

AHC&L replied to topic When did your older toddler drop day sleeps? 3 year old +

My NEARLY 3 year old is doing the same thing at the moment. I dont know wether to drop the day sleep to maybe make the 'going to bed at night' time easier (HE WAS UP TILL MIDNIGHT LAST NIGHT BEFORE...

Saturday 13 February 01:19pm

AHC&L replied to topic How do you bring up the subject of ...

Thats a great idea Jenni_b. I think thats the way I'll do it if it comes to that with me and my DH. Kel_Will_Lucy, I have 2 kids around the same ages as yours and Im feeling EXACTLY the same. Ever...

Thursday 28 January 04:11pm

AHC&L replied to topic not talking

Hi Amber 8 months?! My son is 2 and 4 months now and only just started really talking. At 8 months he wasn't saying a thing....not even at 12 months....maybe at 18 months he was saying 'mumumum'. ...

Thursday 24 September 04:45pm

AHC&L replied to topic What do u do with them?

ENJOY SITTING ON THE NET AND WATCHING DR PHIL! I have a 2 yr old and a 5 week old, and before you know it you're never going to get the chance to relax like that again! hahahaha. dont feel guilty a...

Tuesday 15 September 10:57am

AHC&L started new topic cooled boiled water for wind?

How and when do I try this for my 2 week old boy? He struggles after feeds and I want to try this b4 anything else. Help anyone?! Heidi

Monday 24 August 05:40pm

AHC&L replied to topic Gassy Baby - Diet? please help!

hi blinks, my little 2 week old man is also pretty 'gassy' and chocolate is a HUGE culprit!! i had 4 little squares a week ago and the poor little thing was in so much pain after the nighttime feed...

Monday 24 August 05:14pm

AHC&L replied to topic 6 week checkup after birth please read!!

I agree! Great post Sharna! I had trouble with a doctor just before giving birth, which opened my eyes to the fact that not all docs know what they are doing. This post has made me realize I should...

Thursday 09 July 01:15pm

AHC&L replied to topic need to know if this is "normal" you have a new baby too. they turn on EVERYTHING when they aren't number 1 anymore.

Sunday 19 October 05:53pm
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