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Heraani replied to topic Start NOW - we'll do it together!

JaidasMum, Have you thought of leaving the potty in her room? My Dads family used to get them up at 10:30 at night to use the toilet then put them back to bed. I would actually back off complet...

Friday 04 March 07:49pm

Heraani replied to topic How do you start toilet training?

Hi, We have just done day one of potty training. I put him in training pants and put him on the potty every hour and after food. We scored 2/6 for wees!!! I thought that was pretty good. I had ac...

Friday 04 March 07:29pm

Heraani replied to topic Neat Toddler Tricks - Share some lighter moments with your toddler.

My son looks straight at me when he is about to do something he is not allowed to do. Waiting for me to tell him not to. He used to clap himself after doing a bowel motion in his nappy. He also us...

Friday 04 March 07:01pm

Heraani replied to topic WHEN DO WE STOP BABYS GO OF THE BOTTLE

I turned my sons bottles into straw cups (Avent bottles with straw tops) when he was around 9 months old. And on cows milk at 12 months. He doesnt actually drink plain milk anymore.

Friday 04 March 06:15pm

Heraani replied to topic Worried about weight re:clothes

Hi, My son has the opposite problem. He is 27 months and too tall for size 2, but even the size 2 are too big around the waist. I go to Pumpkin Patch and buy the pants with the adjustible waist. ...

Friday 04 March 06:12pm

Heraani replied to topic Talking

Hi, At 2, my son spoke only 16 words. He now goes to speech therapy through the local Community Health Centre (for free) as well as to a Developmental Paediatrician. These are the suggestions I h...

Friday 04 March 06:07pm
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