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okipoppy started new topic Overnight nappies

Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a great sleeper (11-12 hrs) who wakes up wet every morning. DS is 13 months and around 11kg. I have tried EVERY brand of nappies i can fin...

Sunday 03 May 06:30pm

okipoppy replied to topic Any other bubs 'talk' in their sleep?

My DS laughs in his sleep. He is in another room and I still often wake up to a fit of little giggles. I find it very amusing and he doesnt seem to wake up.

Sunday 03 May 06:23pm

okipoppy replied to topic Down to 1 sleep but how long should the sleep be.?

My DS, 13 months seems to think he only needs 2 30 min sleeps per day. He used to have one 50min and one 2 hour but now on the dot he wakes after 30 mins all happy and ready to go! Cant complain b...

Sunday 03 May 06:19pm

okipoppy replied to topic Three nappy changes a night for a 19 month old!!

Hi there, when I have to change my DS at night I put the side of the cot down, keep lights as low as possible and do it in his cot. That way he just rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Sunday 03 May 06:16pm

okipoppy replied to topic Are grobags warm enough in winter?

Hi there, i have used a Grobag (and other brands) for my DS since he stopped being swaddled (now 13 months). I cannot recommend them highly enough. His room often drops to 14-15 on these nice Vic...

Sunday 03 May 06:12pm

okipoppy replied to topic sleeping on tummy

As soon as DS could roll he slept on his stomach. The nurse told me that as long as they can lift their heads in case they vomit(so they dont inhale)then its ok. I have always used a sleeping bag...

Tuesday 24 February 07:38pm

okipoppy replied to topic 6mths old waking at 4am HELP

My DS used to do this as well,i used to get up and feed him and put him back in his cot and he would go of to sleep again. He slowly started to get later and later and now at 10 months he sleeps f...

Tuesday 24 February 07:33pm

okipoppy replied to topic Can i please have your tips to stop wrapping?

I put my DS in a sleeping bag,that way i didnt have to worry about him kicking covers off and he still has the feeling of being wrapped. He is now 10 months and will sleep in or out of the sleepin...

Tuesday 24 February 07:27pm

okipoppy replied to topic Decent baby monitors

Hi, we use the Tomy walkabout premier. Never had a problem with them and they have lights as a sound indicator if you dont want the sound up and show temperature of the babys room as well onthe par...

Thursday 15 January 10:02am

okipoppy replied to topic Any suggestions for night nappies?.....

A new brand called Sorbies (at Coles) have day and night nappies. The night ones are fantastic and have never had a leak (DS sleeps 10-12 hrs).

Tuesday 13 January 08:01pm

okipoppy replied to topic Huggies Nappies? Are the problems fixed?

I found them great for my DS when he was smaller but now at 9 months he is sleeping between 10-12 hours at night and they leak then. Tried going up a size and even 2 sizes and it didnt work so I sw...

Tuesday 13 January 07:59pm

okipoppy replied to topic wetting through

I was having this problem with huggies nappies (sorry, was a fan) and have since switched to Coles brand or Sorbies nightime and have never had one leak. My DS is in the overnight one for 10-12 hou...

Tuesday 13 January 07:57pm

okipoppy replied to topic Only want's Mummy.

My DS used to be like that with me so my husband decided to enrol in Gymbaroo. My husband takes DS every week for some boy time(!!) and now my DS thinks dad is fun and likes spending time with him....

Tuesday 13 January 07:48pm

okipoppy replied to topic Is my baby overweight?

My DS is nearly 9 months and weighs 11kg, so i am the wrong one to ask about that!!!! Hes happy and I think he is wonderful so I wouldnt worry what others say!!

Tuesday 13 January 07:44pm

okipoppy replied to topic late teether???

My DS is nearly 9 months old, been dribbling like crazy for a couple of months and nooo teeth in sight!!!

Tuesday 13 January 07:39pm

okipoppy replied to topic What to do

Hi, just letting you know what i did with our DS. He went through the exact same thing at around the same age. We stopped pausing for a burp and instead let him drink as much as possible then when ...

Tuesday 13 January 07:35pm

okipoppy replied to topic Best Formula for Baby? You had any problems with any of them???

My ds has been on Nan Ha gold since birth (now 7 months) and had no constipatioin or upset tummies at all. For my son this has been wonderful. Only downside is it is a bit dearer than some others b...

Wednesday 03 December 01:10pm

okipoppy replied to topic thanks huggies!

Just thought I would let you know that i have found Coles brand very similar to Aldi and Huggies. I have not had one leak yet (fingers crossed) ds is 7 months and I have used a couple of different ...

Wednesday 03 December 01:05pm

okipoppy replied to topic Anyone else have a wiggle worm?

Hi, my DS has been a wriggler from day 1. After about 2 weeks he used to fight the wrap until he was free and got really upset if he couldn't get out. I now put him in a sleeping bag and he settles...

Thursday 26 June 01:20pm

okipoppy replied to topic When did ur.........

I am one of the REAL lucky ones. MyDS started at about 5 weeks and slept a few nights in a row all night, then had about a week of 5-6 hours and now at 9 weeks he sleeps from 6-9 every night and th...

Thursday 26 June 01:07pm
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