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Bellace replied to topic my mirical baby isn't so lucky anymore.... :(

I dont get on Huggies much anymore, but I just found this tpoic and it has brought tears to my eyes. Your son sounds exactly like my eldest son, Aaron, who is now four 1/2 years. His early develo...

Monday 23 November 08:56pm

Bellace replied to topic Sweat Test

Hi Jen, You have probably had the test by now My youngest son is 6months old, and has cystic fibrosis. He has to have regular sweat tests. My partner, my other three children and I all have to hav...

Monday 23 November 08:44pm

Bellace replied to topic HELP.. How to get rid of Mosquitoes safely?

Citronella Oil Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Cinnamon Oil Castor Oil Rosemary Oil Lemongrass Oil Cedar Oil Peppermint Oil Clove Oil Geranium Oil Possibly Oils from Verbena, Pennyroyal, Lavender, Pine, Cajep...

Monday 23 November 08:26pm

Bellace replied to topic How long after?

After my eldest son(4yrs) was born, it took about 8-9 weeks. I didnt get a chance to have a period after my daughter (3yrs) was born, because I fell pregnant with my middle son (2yrs) only 7 weeks...

Monday 23 November 08:14pm

Bellace replied to topic nesting n labour

I nested for at least a month before all four of my kids. It was all different types of things too! With my eldest son (now 4yrs), everything had be soaked in napisan...and I mean EVERYTHING! with ...

Monday 23 November 08:09pm

Bellace replied to topic Heel prick test to be redone

my youngest son is now 6months, he didnt have to have the Guthrie done again, but they found out he has cystic fibrosis from it. Its possible they may not have got enough blood the first time arou...

Monday 23 November 08:02pm

Bellace started new topic cystic fibrosis

Im in WA and have 4 kids My youngest son is now 4m old, but when he was 4 weeks old, we found out that he has cystic fibrosis. He was sick when we found out and had to be hospitalized for three wee...

Saturday 12 September 12:05pm

Bellace replied to topic My baby has a respitory virus and bronculitus

the other woman was right (sorry cant remember your name), the sensor has to be moved at least a couple of times a day as it can burn.

Saturday 12 September 12:02pm

Bellace replied to topic My baby has a respitory virus and bronculitus

I know how you are feeling. All three of my boys have had bronciollitis. My eldest was 7 weeks old, was in hospital for a week and on oxygen. His oxygen saturation levels were around 60% My middl...

Saturday 12 September 11:59am

Bellace replied to topic HELP!! Serious burping issue!!

My youngest son (now 4m) can have some serious burping/colic issues. We use Brauers Natural Colic Relief. Works within a few minutes Like you, I found that Gripe water never worked and Infacol is ...

Saturday 12 September 11:51am

Bellace started new topic Albany Mums

Hi guys, Im an old member, but havent been around on here in a while. Im 23 and I have 4 kids, Aaron (4yrs), Eva (3yrs), Ethan (2yrs) and Cameron (4m) Just curious to see how many Albany mums th...

Saturday 12 September 11:48am

Bellace replied to topic HELP Expecting ... DD will only be 15 months when bub born!

Congratulations! Try not to stress! It wont be as stressful as you imagine. I have three kids, and number 4 on the way. there is 14m between my eldest son and daughter, and 11m between my daughter ...

Monday 23 February 04:40pm

Bellace replied to topic freebies PART 2

Hi girls! I am a mad-freebie hunter myself. The only thread started me off about a year ago, now i have scored HEAPS of stuff (easily 100's dollars worth) the two that i mainly check is: www.mysa...

Monday 23 February 04:17pm

Bellace replied to topic Just some ideas

I really like the name Emily Grace, and Connor was on my own boys list. Im currently 28 weeks pregnant, and have found out that we are having a boy. We have decided on the name Cameron Bailey. We ...

Monday 23 February 04:00pm

Bellace replied to topic All those expecting #4 in 2009?

Hi girls. My name is Bella, Im 23 and I have three kids, expecting number 4 on the 17th May. Aaron is 3.5 (28th May, 2005), Eva is 2.5 (30th Aug, 2006) and Ethan 17m (1st August, 2007) Our younges...

Monday 19 January 03:49pm

Bellace replied to topic secrets and lies

oh thats fantastic! thats funny/cute that they all ended up wearing them though. it sounds like a good friend and parents who you know will look after you kids during sleepovers...which im startin...

Sunday 20 July 08:24pm

Bellace replied to topic Wanting a third baby

i have three kids. DS1 is 3y/o, DD is nearly 2y and DS2 is just about to turn 1y. We have our tough moments, but we get by. DF had a good paying job which enabled us to buy our own cleaning busine...

Sunday 20 July 08:08pm

Bellace replied to topic Could my 2 1/2 year old daughter see dead people

i too am a believer of spirits/psychics and mediums. I dont believe that children have imaginary friends, and that they are in fact spirits. Ask her for a little more information. Like what else i...

Sunday 20 July 07:58pm

Bellace replied to topic My daughter is driving me CRAZY

i soooo know what you are going through. Im 23 and i have a 3y/o, a nearly 2y/o and a 1 y/o. My fy ends are only starting to have kids they finally understand why I havent been able to "dr...

Sunday 20 July 06:57pm

Bellace replied to topic 15 month old + newborn - what did you do?

my oldest two are 14 months apart. DS1 stayed in the cot for about a month after my DD was born. he was ready for a bed as he was starting to climb out. We fell pregnant 7 weeks later with our DS2 ...

Sunday 20 July 06:35pm
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