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makabu replied to topic Help me out. NEW PICS!

I agree, number 6 looks better, the letters stand out more. When I reading your descriptions what I thought of is an open book, with the words and characters coming out of the book.

Monday 11 April 11:54am

makabu replied to topic October 2011

Hi Emma, Congratulations on your first, hope your pregnancy is going well. My name is Siti and I am also due on the 5th of October but with my third. I have a son, 3 in August, and a daughter, 2 i...

Monday 11 April 11:39am

makabu replied to topic Back Pain

I've got a bad back now after having DD. Here we have a chiropractor that comes around to all the rooms at the hospital to check our stomach muscles and go through the exercises to help us recover....

Monday 05 July 01:10pm

makabu replied to topic Trying for Second???

Agreed with pp, if you feel by having another one sooner is better than later, then go for it. DS and DD are 13 months apart, but DD was an unexpected surprise. We had a lot of people asking us if ...

Monday 05 July 12:57pm

makabu replied to topic Things that made you smile today

Every now and then DS would come up to me and give me a kiss without me even asking for one.

Wednesday 28 April 02:15pm

makabu replied to topic Good Sleeper

I'm so proud of DS. He's been an excellent sleeper since he was 2 months. He used to cry every night and then one night I put him on our bed for a second and he was fast asleep. Since then we're ab...

Sunday 25 April 11:57pm

makabu replied to topic Thumb sucking vs dummy

Agreed with the pp, it's all up to you what if you want your children to suck their thumb or have the dummy. Personally I would let it go but if becomes a problem for their teeth then I would look ...

Sunday 25 April 11:51pm

makabu started new topic Getting DD to sleep on her own in the cot.

Hello Everyone, Since I had DD, (now is 7 months), It's been really hard to get her to sleep on her own unless she falls asleep in my bed first with me. DS (20 months) was sleeping in the cot and ...

Sunday 25 April 03:50am

makabu replied to topic Womens Weekly Thomas cake

Hi, Is too late for the cake pattern. I've got the same book, if you still need it I can see if I can scan the pattern and email it to you if you still need it. Let me know and I'll get on to it...

Thursday 14 January 02:02am

makabu replied to topic 1st birthday questions

Hi, DS's birthday started at 10 and went until about 2. I went by what time DS would wake up to his nap time and thought the other babies would be the same. By the time it got to 1.30 the kids wer...

Sunday 29 November 01:17am

makabu replied to topic PLEASE HELP!!!!! 1 year old bday cake..

hi, with DS's cake I did the number one and decorated with leaves and stuck animals all over it. He had a jungle theme. To get ideas I looked on Google images and that normally comes up with diffe...

Sunday 29 November 12:59am

makabu replied to topic How long will this go one for

Thank you so much for your advice. DS isn't so bad now that he's feeling better and back to himself again. We've discovered he always wanted his sister's milk so when I feed her I give him his bott...

Wednesday 14 October 01:18pm

makabu started new topic How long will this go one for

Hello everyone, I've had my baby girl nearly a month ago and DS (13 months) was a bit unsure when he first met her at the hospital. During the last 3 weeks, my mum and SIL has came to visit and I'...

Friday 02 October 01:22pm

makabu replied to topic DUROMINE

Hello, I was put onto duromine from my doctor only because I had really bad back pains and had to lose weight, this was before I fell pregnant with my first baby. Personally for me, it worked real...

Saturday 19 September 12:51pm

makabu replied to topic Layla's cake

Wow, that is so good, a job well done.

Sunday 30 August 12:12pm

makabu replied to topic Overnight Pump feeding help needed!

I've got the Avent pump, both electric and manual. I brought the manual one as an emergency because my cats chewed up a part that only goes on the automatic one. With the automatic one, before it d...

Thursday 27 August 03:06pm

makabu replied to topic What to pack for hospital, for yourself and for your baby?

I brought my laptop which had TV shows I downloaded from iTunes. I also had puzzle books to pass the time when I was by myself while bub was sleeping. I found not to pack too much clothes because m...

Monday 24 August 08:55pm

makabu replied to topic Question on Harness'

I don't see why you can't have it. If it will stop them from running onto the road, then why not.

Friday 21 August 04:01am

makabu replied to topic Mother-in-law & Labour?!

I didn't only have my in-laws outside waiting to meet thier first grandchild, I had a whole party through the whole day. Being my first time I was glad they were there to give me the support I need...

Thursday 20 August 09:31pm

makabu replied to topic does uhh preparing the area help prevent tearing?

I don't know if this helped me from tearing but I did my pelvic floor muscle everyday and all I got was a tiny tear which the doctor left to heal on it's own.

Thursday 20 August 09:15pm
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