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jen01 started new topic Baby Sitter

Hi all, I know this is a silly question but here goes. I have a baby sitter coming tonight that we have organised through DD's daycare (it's her teacher) so we know her very well, we are also pay...

Friday 25 January 08:52am

jen01 started new topic 4 Year old sitting at the Dinner Table

Hi, My 4 year old has always sat well that the dinner table, but over the last couple of weeks she has started to refuse to come to the table at all. It has become a real game and power struggle ...

Monday 05 November 01:26pm

jen01 started new topic Day Sleep Clothing

Hello ladies, Just a silly question, what do all of your little ones wear to bed now that they are a little older for their day sleeps. DD is almost 11 months and I am changing her 3 to 4 times a...

Thursday 06 August 10:35am

jen01 replied to topic Your 10 Month old ???

Hi Matilda is, weight - 7.7kg height - 71.5cm hc - 43cm turned 10 mths last week no real routine, we go with the flow I did try setting a routine for her when she was 6 mths but she would rathe...

Friday 17 July 05:47am

jen01 replied to topic Problems with afternoon sleep

thanks girls, I think we have solved the problem, I'm putting her down for the afternoon a little later and she has gone back to sleeping 2 hours without a fuss.

Friday 17 July 05:22am

jen01 started new topic Problems with afternoon sleep

My 10 month old DD sleeps through the night 7pm - 7am without waking, has done so since 4 months. She also has two day sleeps morning and afternoon. She goes back to bed (self settles) in the mor...

Tuesday 07 July 09:53am
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