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subzero replied to topic CHCH mums looking for coffee groups, mums group

Can I join can I can I can i????

Sunday 16 September 04:46pm

subzero replied to topic Wanting to met mums in Christchurch.

hi we have a huggies christchurch group that you are welcome to join, contact me if you want to join in Charlotte Daines runs it. search for her on face book.

Sunday 16 September 04:42pm

subzero replied to topic Solids for 4 1/2 mo baby ?

Sounds like a growth spurt to me and pretty normal. By introducing solids you are not actually helping rather hindering the boost of your milk suppy. Welcome to mother hood. its quite normal for a ...

Friday 03 August 10:27am

subzero replied to topic im a bit confussed

Baby led weaning you need to stop giving puree foods for a start as they muck with the natural gag reflex that you need for baby led weaning. par boiled brocilli, carrots, yams etc food cut up int...

Saturday 07 July 03:35pm

subzero replied to topic Bottle fed 6weekold feeding too often??

why is it an issue for him to feed that often I am sure you would drink often I know I do. As a choice to bottle feed the back of the tin is a guide only not set in stone. Feed him when he is hungry

Tuesday 03 July 03:18pm

subzero replied to topic Huggies New Forum Feedback

AND why did I lose all my friends off of my friends list?? what is the deal with that. now i can't catch up with anyone. No wonder old regulars like me are not coming back the forum is so hard to u...

Tuesday 03 July 03:16pm

subzero replied to topic Cant Help But Notice

I find this new forum set out stupied. That is why people are leaving in droves as they are sick and tired of the spam and the stupied layout.

Tuesday 03 July 03:10pm

subzero replied to topic my nan craps me off.

Well really ask yourself, Two minute noddles in the soup "Next time make it by hand"

Tuesday 03 July 03:07pm

subzero replied to topic Fathers day

My hubby is getting the same as he got me!!!!!!!! Sweet stuff all. and there you go

Tuesday 03 July 03:03pm

subzero replied to topic Eating in the car...

Yes all the time, the car is a tip at the moment. Anyway just saying its all very well and good for your husband who is probably at work and not driving around with a tired hungry toddler etc..... ...

Wednesday 20 June 02:28pm

subzero replied to topic Help!

ummmm step back a bit look at the big picture here. I imagine your friend is not up to all of this at the moment and may need some time to grieve etc. I personally couldn't do what you are sugges...

Wednesday 20 June 02:24pm

subzero replied to topic My son has fell on his head many times.

are you putting him in the sitting position or is he getting into it. I imagine you are sitting him and his muscles are not able to support his weight. just let him lie on the ground and learn to r...

Saturday 16 June 07:46pm

subzero started new topic ok my minor peeve for tonight

why are there so few post to a page,? I mean really you just get into the flow of it and then "CLICK: you have to move to the next page. AND also what happend to alll my friends on my friends list

Saturday 16 June 07:40pm

subzero replied to topic Sad :(

totally agree with you on the new forum thing its a bit like face book when they change things to make it better and well actually it doesn't

Thursday 07 June 04:43pm

subzero started new topic oh huggies you have done it agai

Wow i can't beleive you have mucked with the forum layout again. over the years i have left and come back but this time it took me about 10minutes of my time to figure out how to post a post again....

Thursday 07 June 07:16am

subzero replied to topic just getting this out here before I explode!!!

Grab your hubby by the short and curlies and tell him to pull finger other wise nothing will be happening for the rest of the year!!!!!!! [email protected]!!!! hopefully he will get your meaning. also gra...

Thursday 10 May 03:58am

subzero replied to topic Back on to benefits again

What about free birth control for everyone, not just single parents, we don't qualify for a community service card so everything cost us, costs for condoms, the pill the injection , the snip .........

Wednesday 09 May 04:42am

subzero replied to topic Only a few days to go until voting closes!

Tuesday 08 May 02:48am

subzero replied to topic 20mth old having trouble sleeping

Mine have all had cuddllies also when they get like that at night I sing loudly and badly and pat the back in the dark, or step away and sing so i am not touching depending on the rage, something l...

Monday 07 May 09:03pm

subzero started new topic I've done a silly thing

Everyone does things different to everyone for a reason, sorry for your loss, way to go with the hand clapping its always so exciting when they do something special

Monday 07 May 08:59pm
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