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kylis started new topic Gluten Free

Hi there I am making gluten free sandwiches for an event, however i just want to know do i need to use a gluten free butter / marg?? is there such what else do i need to know that is important T...

Monday 11 April 07:52am

kylis started new topic Broken Nose

I have a broken nose, thanks to my lovely 8 month old DD, she head butted me while i was trying to comfort her. Man is it sore, and i now have little blood boggers in my nose that are causing alm...

Wednesday 30 March 10:56am

kylis replied to topic Am I being unreasonable???

i could be angry as!!! I work fulltime in my job approx 45+ plus hours a week and also have a two years old and a 8month old!!! I'll swap him

Wednesday 30 March 10:08am

kylis started new topic i can't work out how to add a image to my signature

I cant work out how to add a image to my signature, does it have to be some a website, why cant i just upload from my puter??

Monday 14 March 10:42pm

kylis replied to topic Do you think it's okay to feed a newborn formula?

do what ever you think is right!! doenst feel pressure to do something you dont feel comfortable in, being pressured into something is not a good place to be mentally. I was seen by the so called ...

Monday 14 March 09:56pm

kylis replied to topic Formula causing wind

my ds was on heinz nauure and that worked fine - we tried with him s26 caused constipation and karicare and that also caused constipation my dd has reflux she was on s26ar and that also made her c...

Monday 14 March 09:41pm

kylis replied to topic flu needle while pregnant

i had the flu injection as well as the swine flu injection when pregnant with dd.. iam had no reactions to it (other then be complaining it hurt), and my dd is fine

Monday 14 March 09:38pm

kylis replied to topic How did you entertain yourself in the last weeks if pregnancy?

in my last weeks i did *watch movies *slept *cleaned *ate *slept *chatted on the phone *facebooked *slept oh did i mention i slept

Monday 14 March 11:52am

kylis replied to topic cow's milk

as silly as this sounds it may taste to sweet to her, seeing she like youhart maybe try some goats milk or soy milk, as a similiar tastet o youhart

Monday 14 March 11:48am

kylis replied to topic baby walker

they should be banned and not be allowed for sale in this country.. how many kids have poor feet and hip developmment because of them... bad bad bad bad

Sunday 13 March 08:12pm

kylis replied to topic 7 month old still not sitting up?????

all babies develop differenyly.... they all reach different stages at different times!! my ds was walking at 10 months and other babies in his mother group are only just starting to walk now (alm...

Sunday 13 March 07:58pm

kylis replied to topic Why do so many want 2 risk harming baby 4 early labour..

38 - 42 weeks is now full term

Sunday 13 March 07:53pm

kylis replied to topic Forced to leave work early :(

Sadly you have to finish work 6 weeks before the EDD its in the parental leave legislation, you can work longer however you have to provide a medical certificate other wise. Same as you can not ret...

Sunday 13 March 07:50pm

kylis replied to topic Water for 10week old

my ds was constipated and was told my mhn to give 30 mls of water a day to try and get the process moving so to speak... i would say only give water if told by a health professional

Sunday 13 March 07:37pm

kylis replied to topic Head Lice HELP

i alsmost seem to be an expert on head lice. my step son seems to have them all the time, i wash my hair and buy kids in tea tree oil weekly and also spray a diluted form in there hair daily, and i...

Sunday 13 March 07:34pm

kylis started new topic 2 year old not sleeping grrrrrrrrrr help

My 2 year old ds in the past week or so, keeps getting out of his cot and coming out to me, and i keep putting him back to bed, and this circle goes on for at least 4 hours or so.. its driving me ...

Thursday 10 March 05:14am

kylis replied to topic Studying, does it really cost that much??

stay away from online places they are a rip off, call your local tafe, you will be surprised abt the flexible study options they have

Tuesday 15 February 05:35am

kylis started new topic Birth Plan

I was chatting to a male work mate abt his partners up and coming birth, etc and how she is going etc. They are having a Vbac, which he is very supportive off and was telling me all abt the classe...

Monday 14 February 03:28am

kylis started new topic Children unrestrained

Was at a major shopping centre in Melbourne last night, and pulled up at the petrol station on the way out to fill up.. to my surprise the car next to be, father was filling up, mother in back sea...

Monday 14 February 03:24am

kylis replied to topic Why do people have to be rude

i work in retail and have for the the last 12 years plus, and i can honestly say there have been a few times where i have had to hold my tongue, i once swore at a customer many many moons ago. (luc...

Monday 14 February 03:06am
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