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Kazz.h replied to topic I loved giving birth

wow, its so great to hear all your positive stories!! an to know that im not the only one out there that really enjoyed my babies births!!! Congrats, and a big thumbs up to all you other positive ...

Thursday 08 July 05:33am

Kazz.h replied to topic Evening Primrose Oil

Hi, I used them with my first son, pricking them with a pin and inserting them from about 36 weeks as advised by my midwife. she told me id jsut get nice hair and nails taking them oraly!! not sure...

Sunday 04 July 07:24am

Kazz.h started new topic I loved giving birth

Hey, just wanted to ask how many of you actually enjoyed giving birth?? I have two sons, aged 23 and 3 months. I gave birth to both of them at a birth center (kinda like a prvate hospital) and bot...

Sunday 04 July 07:04am

Kazz.h replied to topic "Prince or Princess ? Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Conception."

K, im really interested in this aswell. Have two boys, they are the greatest lil guys ever, but really do want alil girl!! Thing is i have no idea what my cycle is to control things that way, as g...

Sunday 04 July 06:40am

Kazz.h replied to topic Woman TTC after Depo Injections.

Hey, thought i would add my story. I was on the depo for over 4years when DH and i decieded that within the following two years we would want kids. My docter at the time told me that there was no...

Sunday 04 July 06:03am

Kazz.h replied to topic Has anyone been to see a psychic???

hi, I have been to two, one just a week ago, and one just over a year ago. I think there great, there are some scammers out there so ask around to see who is recomended. But the two i went to were...

Sunday 04 July 05:07am

Kazz.h replied to topic 3 car seats in the back???

hey, was meaning can you have a harnesd boster in the middle with jsut the lap belt holding it down if it has the tether stap that goes over the back of the seat and bolts in?

Sunday 04 July 04:47am

Kazz.h started new topic toliet training getting aboying at night!!

ok so my ds1 is 23 months and just over a week ago got real interested in going toliet and was telling me almost always when he needed to go, so i put him in undies and with alil encouragement was ...

Sunday 04 July 04:42am

Kazz.h started new topic 3 car seats in the back???

hey, im looking for a harnesd tethered boster for my 2year old at the mo, and ive heard but am unable to find a definate answer can you put harnesd bosters in the middle of the back seat with just ...

Sunday 04 July 04:13am

Kazz.h replied to topic 5 point harnes booster

ok, also were can i buy them in New Zealand? was in baby city today and they didnt have any.

Sunday 04 July 02:34am

Kazz.h started new topic 5 point harnes booster

hey, im currently looking for a booster seat for my 13 kg 2 year old. im wanting one with a 5 point harnes and a tether strap. any recomendations would be appreciatesd.

Sunday 04 July 01:52am

Kazz.h replied to topic how many hours does your 13/14month old stay up for between naps? And what is your routine?

hey, my lil boy is 14 months and sleeps from 7 till 7 and doesnt go back down again till after lunch. he has lunch between 11.30 and 12 then we read a story or watch a cartoon if ive got alot to ge...

Friday 18 September 07:30am

Kazz.h replied to topic Pls help me! Hates cot & wont sleep during day

Hey at around 7-8 months my DS did the same thing. He just wouldnt sleep in his cot, drove me bonkers!! i tryd everything i could think of, but i could lye him down on my bed and hed drift off to s...

Wednesday 08 July 01:11pm

Kazz.h replied to topic How long did it take......

Hey, my DS is about to turn one and about a month ago i moved him to 1 sleep also!! Though he more or less did it him self, he wakes at around 7-7.30 and would go down for his nap at 10 for 2 hours...

Wednesday 08 July 12:46pm

Kazz.h replied to topic Co sleeping and night bottle questions..

Hey again, if i was you i wouldnt worry about it. My DS is about to turn 1 and is still wakeing between 2-3 every night for a bottle, and again between 5-6 then sleeps through till 7.30 unless dad ...

Wednesday 08 July 12:37pm

Kazz.h started new topic feeling a lil guilty!!

k, heres the deal, my hubby and i are self employed and been really busy these past few weeks. Also last week our georgus lil 10 month old was either having a growing spurt, or reacting to me being...

Thursday 21 May 06:30am

Kazz.h started new topic night feeds... when did your bub stop??

Hi, my 10.5 month old is still waking at midnight for a feed. he is feed a combination of both breast and formula as he is a real mr independent and seems so happy at himself for being able to fee...

Thursday 21 May 05:12am

Kazz.h replied to topic how many sleeps during the day for an 11 month old

I think every bub is different, and just do what seems to work for them indivdlly!! strange thing is at 6.5 months my DS stoped having his afternoon nap, there was nothing i could do to get him to ...

Thursday 21 May 04:57am

Kazz.h replied to topic anyone change their minds?

oh my god... you have no idea how much of a comfort this post is to me!!! I have had such the downer week!! My ds is now 9 months old.... and i have only just relised how much i have drifted from a...

Saturday 11 April 06:04pm

Kazz.h replied to topic My little mr independent!!

Thanks guys, this has helped alot!! I guess its just really plunkets idease that have been pushed on me to make me think that he needs to be spoon feed stuff!!! but good to know that there are othe...

Monday 23 March 07:34am
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