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Hi We have this seat (we paid $229) and so far we think its great. Its alot taller then the other boosters on the market, which for us was important as our child is really really tall for her age. The harness slots went up alot higher then most of the others on the market. It was also really cushiony and had lovely material. It reclines quite alot, which was handy on our trip upto Sydney last yr (we're in Melbourne). And the cup holder was also useful. And we shopped around for Months, and this was the only chair we were completly happy with. Any questions, feel free to ask!

My daughter is 3yrs and 2 mths. And i can't believe ur going to iron while watchin are a good housewife! I admit I never iron anymore. Did when i was younger and at home. Now i don't have my mum nagging me...I don't do it Hope u get all ur animals in easily. And find some yum biscuits!

I know how u feel. I am totally bored too. My DH is at work, and my DD has been asleep since 7pm. I have already attacked the mint slices, which i now regret... How old are your daughters?

Hi My daughter Kalista was born 8th October 2007, and we live in Melbourne.

Better out then in I have sent u a private message if u want to talk. Take care.

I get that all the time! The home phone usually only rings if its telemarketers or charity ticket sellers, so its good having a young sounding voice! I just tell them I am not 18 and mum's not home at the moment... I am 28!

I love them. I carry the smaller pack around in my handbag and when my 3yr old goes to a public toilet i give it a wipe over before she sits down... I am a total germ-a-phobe!! I usually use them at home for the toilet seats, door handles, all the sinks and the kitchen benches... they are really handy.

Hi, We had to move our 3yr old into a booster seat when she was about 2 and a half. We looked forever and a day for one with a built in harness (which is law, they have to have one until they are 4, i think) that would be tall enough as she is heaps tall. We settled on the Babylove Ezy Combo. Its well padded, has a cupholder, 5pt safety harness, and was one of the tallest on the market. We were going to go with the maxi rider AHR, it was the same height (from memory) but the special head rest part didnt move up high enough.With both chairs we'd have to buy another booster in a few yrs, so we went with the cheaper one. The babylove seat is for children 8kgs to 20+kgs (not sure on the weights) as are alot of other convertible booster seats. The harness will tuck away when we dont need it anymore. Hope that helps a bit!

Hi I know exactly how u feel, and while my dd didnt get constipated, she would scream if i made her sit on the toilet. In the end i just gave in, put the nappy on and let her go. Last week i made her stay in the bathroom to do it (as opposed to my Walk in robe!) which she didnt like, but that was too bad. On saturday, she finally did one in the toilet. She kept saying that when Bob the builder and Thomas the tank engine comes to our house she would do it. She got Bob for her birthday the day b4, and i suggested that maybe she should poo on the loo. She said she'd give it a go... Low and behold, the kid did a poop! She got rewarded with a Thomas trainset (a bargin at $10, well worth it!) that i'd been trying to bribe her with (bribery doesnt work too well on her) My advice is to let them do wat they're comfortable with. They will eventually get there (its taken us 3mths) and forcing the issue doesnt work. Some kids just need a bit more time to do it. Ignore wat the inlaws and oth...