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My DD was about the same age when the same thing happened to her. Mozzie bite right on her cheek, that would never heal cos she would always scratch it! It grew in size too, went from being a tiny spot, to almost 5cent size... So we tried all the above, and making sure her nails were super short, but she was sneaky and would still scratch and pick the bandaids off at night. The only thing that stopped her from scratching at it ever again was showing her the blood on her face. She had picked at it one afternoon, and I took her into the bathroom to once again wash her hands and face clean (it would bleed so much) and she saw the blood She had not really clicked that she had been making herself bleed. And she honestly never touched it again. Have u tried talking to her and showing her, so she knows why she shouldnt touch it? My DD has a little red spot on her face when she is sick or upset and pale. Its not too bad (I doubt most people notice it), so I guess lots of aloe vera/sorbolen...

My family all live interstate, so while my dd has always had to travel to see her nanny she still loves her very much and is quite close to her, even with the long distance relationship! I find lots of phone calls (and now) skype work really well. We used to talk to mum quite alot on the phone when she was younger, some weeks every second day, as thats what dd wanted.Now we have one-two skype sessions and a phone call or two to touch base. I think at the age of 2 you could explain that he has moved to a a new house and that she can talk to him on the phone etc. If you can skype even better. Just keep telling her the same story, sometimes they need reminding about things! Kids are pretty resilient.Sure, its alot of changes, but I think if u prepare them a little, its all good. And good luck with the childcare, Im sure she will have tons of fun and its good for u to have a rest as well.

I know how your feeling, our entire garage ceiling came down late last week, and our dining/rumpus rooms ceiling also has to be replaced as it had dropped 20cms and the guy who came out was shocked it hadn't fallen

I'm in Melbourne, and my family are all in Sydney. They travel down to see us less then once a yr. And its usually all of them at once, for 2days. Never any longer then 2days. It used to really bother me, and sometimes it still does as I feel we always have to make the effort to go up there (even though we have a child, and are on one income and only my dh drives) if we want to see them. Next yr our dd starts school, so I guess we'll see what happens with visits, as we wont have the freedom we have now. My inlaws live about 20mins away, and I think we have seen them for less time then what we have seen my family. If I dont message or ring them (either my mil or sil's) we dont hear from them. Dh occassionally gets a text from one of his brothers, but not often, and they don't visit much either. Maybe we are just terrible hosts or something?

I don't know what to say. That sounds really awful, and I'm sorry you have to go through this. Can you get someone to help you out during the day so you can have a nap? Or even have someone sleepover and help with your DS1 so you can focus on bubs or vice versa??? I found when our DD was waking all the time, having my DH put her back to bed and stay with her helped. Even now (and she is almost 5yrs old and still wakes most nights) I will sometimes send him in to get her back to sleep as I just cant handle it. He usually just pops her into the spare bed and falls asleep next to her while she talks It used to frustrate the snot out of me when she would sleep for a few weeks all night long and just when I thought she was sleeping thru, she would start to wake up again. Just when you think things are looking up they like to pull the rug out from under your feet... Kids eh? I wish I had some awesome advice that would fix everything for you! I guess all you can do is go back on the...

I have no advice, only sympathy. I have one kidlet, so can only imagine how tired and stressed you are. Hang in there, it will get better

I have just taught myself how to crochet, have been known to knit and I love to cook too.

Have you tried looking at Its a good site, has lots of free patterns for both knitting and crochet. Also youtube is good, just type in what you want to know, and there are usually heaps of tutorials. I do both, self taught myself knitting a few years ago, and have just taught myself how to crochet. Crochet is so much easier. I'm still getting the hang of it, but I really enjoy it.

My inlaws arent too bad, they don't buy thru out the yr, its for her b'day or Christmas that they go absolutly berserk and buy her heaps. Yet they always comment on the amount of toys she has! Mind you, having interstate family equals atleast one or two presents every single visit as well... She is majorly spoilt, I suppose if we are ever blessed with another child we won't have to buy much....

I get that all the time from the inlaws. "Your house looks like a toy shop"...well of course it does, she plays with her toys and likes to leave them out. My dd is a very lucky girl