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Maybe ring the shop up and tell them what u left, so they can make sure it has been taken to the front desk? And don't forget your reciept!

I have the babylove, I recommend it to everyone, I think its one of the best on the market. It is comfy, well padded, can tilt/recline. We are currently using it in seatbelt mode, which was easy (I think) to change over to and it has a special little clip to hold the seatbelt in the right spot near their neck. Only issue I have is that its pretty wide, so buckling her up with the normal seatbelt is really tricky. I either have to climb in with her and buckle it or do it from the other side of the car (might be tricky if u have more then one seat). It could just be our back seat,or its possibly cos I am incredibly height challenged Hope that helps

I know from past experience that the Doctor prefers to tell you the results (whatever they might be) face to face, as opposed to over the phone. Might have something to do with privacy? Try not to stress (easier said then done I know), I hope it all goes well with you and good luck!

I think if you visit your states road and traffics authority website, it can link u to the website about the safety ratings. I think its reffered to as CREP. We have the babylove ezy combo. Have not had an issue with it, we bought it when my dd was about 2 and a half, so we've had it for 2yrs. We've only just taken away the 5pt safety harness and are now using the seatbelt. Its comfy (has awesome padding), has a cup holder, can recline a little and has the best safety rating for its category. I think it cost us no more then $229. Good luck!

Well that is good news that it looks normal. How are u feeling otherwise? I think that if you've had a baby recently it can appear, then it goes back to normal after a while. Not sure what the treatment is for that though. Mine came out of the blue, last yr it was fine, then all of a sudden it went crazy!! Hope the Dr is helpful!

I lost about 3kgs the first few weeks, while eating like a horse and not exercising. Had really bad hand shakes and would just break out sweating profusly even though it was cold. Was really horrible. Now that everything is under control the weight loss has stopped and its probably piling on again, I'm not game to step on the scales yet! The person that did the ultrasound prob just needed to make sure that they had gotten everything at the right angle etc. It might be your throat looked swollen. Good luck with the Dr apt tomorrow. I hope it goes well, let us know how u go.

Hello I tried to PM you, but surprise surprise it didn't work! I have an overactive thyroid, have been taking medication to bring it back to normal, which has been working. I feel really good now. Still tired, but I feel human. I don't have a goitre, though I did get an ultrasound to make sure.Do you have to see a specialist or take medication? If u have an questions, ask away!

Have u tried putting him in a sleeping bag so he can't roll over? I know its hot, but I think that you can buy thin ones for the summer months. Other then that, I have no idea! Its been so long since my dd was that age. I do know that my dd would go through stages of good sleeping and then be a bit of a rat-bag, then back to good. Even at 4yrs old she can still act up. All I can suggest is keep consistent with what you are doing, and hopefully he will soon go to sleep for you. Good Luck!

I think they might have samples they send out to you from Huggies. Handy, huh?

We got the Babylove Ezy combo. It was around $270. Best safety rating for last year. We have a super tall kidlet too, and we found it was one of the bigger ones on the market with a built in harness. Its comfy, well cushioned and has really nice material. You can buy it from baby shops. It took us ages to find the perfect seat, and almost 18mths on, we are still loving it.