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Yep, one day my turn will come. A friend of mine walked into the lounge room one day to find out her DS had figured out how to remove his nappy and had starting playing with the contents blergh..... but the bare bottom would be so cute! I remember once at work we had a kid that would take her nappy off at nap time, and finger paint the cot.... Needless to say I was VERY glad I wasn't working in the babies room! Kids can be so gross.

I found kmart was best for shorts. A few Christmases ago they had them for $2 each, they were dreadfully ugly, but for around the house they were perfect.

I used to use the little frilly knickers/bloomers that go under dresses etc when it was too hot to wear clothes. Mostly as I was afraid of an 'explosion' leaking everywhere. I'm real glad my little one never did that. Good luck!

My dd also loves the magna doodle thingy. She also likes to look at maps, so when we stop at visitor information centres, we stock up on all the booklets they have. It keeps her amused for hours We also used to play 'sleep time' music, when we wanted her to go to sleep, or to settle her down if she was upset. My dh made her a dvd of her fav shows. He recorded alot of ABC2 shows, copied it onto a few dvds, so she would be able to watch different shows and not get bored. And we also make sure she has a plain book plus an unused diary to draw on, with pencils. She likes to pretend she is mummy/daddy, 'writing' in her diary good luck for your trip!

One evening we went to coles, and there was a security guard pacing around outside, and he was wearing an eyepatch. My dd (3 at the time) said "Look mum, there's a pirate!!!" Of course this was said in a booming voice.... It was a tad embarressing, I just hope he didnt hear it!

I feel your pain, I really do. My mum is exactly the same as yours. Her house is immaculate, belongs in a magazine. The only time it looks cluttered is when we are visiting We had my entire family visit last month. 4 adults. Drove me insane. I cleaned a room everyday, but left all the heavy cleaning till the last minute (as I am prone to do) and it still wasnt 'clean' enough for her... She really does drive me nuts. Love her to pieces, but I am glad she only visits once a year, for 2 days. Its really stressful for me, especially when I had all of them here.... Next time I am putting my foot down. One couple at a time or none at all. Good luck with it all. And enjoy your night out. After all the cleaning u have done u totally deserve it!

I think they are a great present. The past two years both my mum and sister have been given one as a Christmas present which they adore. I plan on making them for the great grandparents this year too I usually use the big w online photo shop. At the moment they have 50% of their calender prices, so they are just under $13. They turn out really good, and you can decorate them and make them any colour you like. Not sure on how long it takes, maybe a few weeks, but they get delivered to your Big W store, and u pick them up there. Good luck

When my dd was younger (around 18mths) she would mostly just have some of what we were eating, like a few bites. Once she got a bit older we would get her a happy meal, with the wrap and she would eat that, some chips and juice. Now she likes the nuggets and shares the thickshake with her daddy. But her all time fav is Subway. If she had her own way she would be eating a ham, cheese and salad 6inch everyday! roll eyes

My dd is far too tall for my liking. She is only 40cms shorter then I am...And she is not quite 4yrs old yet.... I think I am going to have to start wearing heels

Our DD was twice her birth height at around 3yrs 7mths. She was 53.5cms when she was born, and has always been really tall for her age. I have read that if you double their height at 2yrs thats how tall they will be when they are an adult. I am not sure if thats true... Cos Dh and I are really short, and I seriously doubt our child would be 180cms