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Snacks and a drink. I always have a few little snacks packed in my bag. Like a packet of sultana's and apricots last almost the whole supermarket... And i agree with the pp, get them to help a little, my dd likes to hold special items that are her fav foods... She likes to stack it on the conveyer belt too.

When my dd was teething, i used to cut the crust off a slice of wholemeal bread, roll the slice of bread up then microwave it for a short amount of time. It made it all hard, but when she would chew on it, it would just turn to goo. I found that worked ok, and it was much cheaper then buying the teething rusks etc. A cold wet face washer also works a treat. Good luck!

Hi, we have the Babylove ezy combo booster and love it. We did heaps of research last yr, thought it was the best for our child (who is quite tall) and it was alot cheaper then the other booster combo seats. We have not had any issue with it. Its a great chair. I'd recommend it to everyone!

Hi I am Rebecca, i live in Pakenham too, and I have a 3yr old dd.

Hi My dd has just started 3yr old kinder too, and we've had the exact same issue, first week she was climbing up onto tables and chairs (not something she ever does at home), running around alot etc. Generallly not listening... So i had a chat with her, and explained she needed to listen to her teacher etc. And during the week kept on repeating it, and was more strict on her listening to me and following my instructions. It seems to have worked. The kinder teacher said she is settled more, the only time being silly is at transition times, which she said she will try to give more warnings of what is happening, which again, i will try to do at home too. And here I was worried she'd be upset at being left for the first time ever, instead i have one of 'those' children! It just takes them a little while to get used to the routine, as well as ALL those exciting activities and kids to play with! I am sure by the end of the term it will be all good, so don't stress, he'll soon learn h...

I make chicken rissoles too. 500g mince 2Tb sweet chilli sauce 1/4C grated cheese salt and pepper 1 carrot finely grated mix in a bowl, Using 1/4C mixture make into rissole shapes, slightly flatten. Then in a pan brown on each side, pop them in a 180 deg oven for around 20 mins. They are so moist and tasty. My husband Loves them! Also, I just use the mince in place of chicken breast (lazy me!) So lately its been used in a butter chicken sauce or in a stirfry with vegies and hokkien noodles and whatever sauces i have handy.

My DD is 3yrs and 4mths, she is 105cm and 16kgs.

Our daughters name is Kalista Rose. Rose seems like a popular middle name!

Hi We got married 6yrs ago, up on Sth Stradbroke Island, at a place called "An Island Hideaway". It cost us under $2000 all up for everything, excluding my dress (my mum paid for that). I had 8 guests, we had a buffet dinner and they did EVERYTHING. All we had to do was get to the wharf by 3pm day of the wedding, a boat was sent over for us, we got to the island, I got into my dress in the dressing room and my husband and I got married in an open air chapel, signed our certificate in the bali hut then had dinner. It was all decorated, and they also made my cake, which was gorgeous. Best day ever and so stress free. I just went to a florist, hair dresser and a beauty shop for flowers/hair/makeup at a shopping ctr..All of which i think cost under $150. Hope that helps! And good luck.

It does look really nice, and still does, 6+months down the track. It was a toss up between the maxi rider and this one, and basically we thought this one would last longer and it was alot cheaper. And it seemed like good quality, like no foam or polystyrene pieces ( i saw a few chairs with that). I think the only issue to date is sometimes the buckle strap can slide a little under the padding and makes it hard to do it up (If that makes sense). But its easy enough to fish it back out again. Other then that its fine.