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T,K&E replied to topic Browns Plains/Hillcrest and surrounds

Hi Betty, Thanks for replying. I'll send you an email now so we can chat more. You can delete your info from here if you want. ~Tahra.

Sunday 18 November 07:24pm

T,K&E started new topic Browns Plains/Hillcrest and surrounds

Hi all, I'm looking to form a mothers group or join an existing one. I have two kids, DD is 4 and DS is 17 months. We have no friends or family close by and I'm feeling very isolated and have been...

Thursday 15 November 03:11pm

T,K&E replied to topic How involved was your mum in your pregnancy?

My Mum wasn't much involved with either of mine. She was disappointed in me when I fell pregnant with DD, she had wanted us girls to live more, but she wouldn't change her grandkids for the world n...

Saturday 26 November 06:52am

T,K&E replied to topic Need to get it out

Time to put your foot down. You need to be stress free and this isn't cutting it. Tell your DP that you're going out without them. Get your hair done, sit at a cafe and have a quiet slice of cake a...

Saturday 26 November 12:46am

T,K&E replied to topic do you know anyone

I one went to school with three other girls who shared my name and I usually had at least 2 of them in a few classes a day. None had the same spelling as me though. I also went to school with a c...

Friday 25 November 10:29pm

T,K&E replied to topic WARNING!

How horrible! I never thought of tiles getting that hot! If anyone has been to Wet'n'Wild on the Gold Coast they'd know how hot their paths can get. I never thought about it until now but I'm glad...

Friday 25 November 10:24pm

T,K&E replied to topic shocked and scared

Teachers and schools who push it under a rug or think suspension is the way to solve it need a reality check. A child should be able to go to their teacher, or any teacher and have their complaint ...

Friday 25 November 10:17pm

T,K&E replied to topic What bugs you?

Baby talk doesn't worry me. Strangers who come up and think they have the right to get in DS or DD's face and ignore me annoys me! Being polite or not, you talk to the parents first, that shows res...

Friday 25 November 03:16am

T,K&E replied to topic Idiotic Things Parents Do

I think shopping trolleys should have a break. They are so hard to control and im always afraid ill be putting shopping in the boot of my car and the stupid thing will roll away with dd in it. I h...

Friday 25 November 03:13am

T,K&E replied to topic Do you think

I agree Skippy, what goes around comes back around and he's going to cop it big time!! He's second on my most hated list. Kochie is #1. They both need to be taken off air. But Kyle first. He'll k...

Friday 25 November 03:08am

T,K&E replied to topic Idiotic Things Parents Do

I've nearly had my pram hit when I was obviously on the crossing. Not entering, several steps in and stupid idiots keep on driving because I'm not on 'their side' of the road. I've also seem others...

Thursday 24 November 10:14am

T,K&E replied to topic Idiotic Things Parents Do

A few years back we saw a couple and their baby out for a run. The husband was pushing the three wheeler pram and they'd stopped on an island (the lights including a designated crossing were less t...

Thursday 24 November 10:02am

T,K&E replied to topic movies

I love zombie movies. The Resident Evil ones. 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. Shaun of the Dead for a laugh. Zombieland, also for a laugh. The Happening still freaks me out at some points even t...

Thursday 24 November 09:09am

T,K&E replied to topic I can't stand the sound of ambulances

In wa you have to pay for it unless you have medical insurance or just ambo and it also depends if its an emergency or not depending on your cover. but in some states of australia iv heard that th...

Tuesday 22 November 11:56pm

T,K&E replied to topic Illegal immigrants.

Maybe the Gov should give them jobs that Aussies don't want? I was watching some show recently about this farmer who offers $1000 a week to pick fruit. A handful of Aussies tried it and quit after...

Tuesday 22 November 05:09am

T,K&E replied to topic Best Hospital in Brisbane!? Advice Please

I had DD at the Mater and hated it. Horrid MW's and under staffed the 5 days I was in there. The only nice person I had there was a trainee MW, she was excellent, the others have been in the job fo...

Tuesday 22 November 01:28am

T,K&E replied to topic What kind of Car?

I drive a 2009 Nissan Micra. It's a squeeze with two kids and two adults. With the pram in the back we hardly have room for all our groceries so sometimes they go on the floor under the kids seats....

Thursday 17 November 11:38pm

T,K&E replied to topic Toddlers

Lol, I found a crust of bread in my bra last night. I think DS must have popped it down there after I picked him up.

Thursday 17 November 11:36pm

T,K&E replied to topic Will Epidural affect my ability to push the baby during labour?

It's difficult to know how hard your pushing when you can't feel anything. I had one birth with it and one without. I had the epi with my first and I was confined to the bed for 12 hours. If it wa...

Thursday 17 November 04:03am

T,K&E replied to topic Everyone blames teething

I don't think I blamed teething my DD. I didn't even know she was teething til two little ones popped up. And being my first I had no clue when things we're supposedly meant to happen. With DS he'...

Wednesday 16 November 09:28pm
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