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[email protected] started new topic IVF, how long do drugs stay in ur system?????

i am just wandering if any one that has been through IVF can help me? Would like to know how long the ivf drugs stay in your system for, we started our injections back in Nov and had a BFN in Dec ...

Saturday 02 February 05:19pm

[email protected] replied to topic IVF with ICSI

That is great news, did u conceive the 1st time round?

Saturday 02 February 05:15pm

kristy[email protected] started new topic IVF with ICSI

Hi, we started our ivf cycle in nov with injections egg collection went well with 7 bein collected 4 of them where done with ivf and the other 3 through icsi, sadly we had a bfn test and are now wa...

Saturday 02 February 05:01pm

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

hey it sure does, but thank u for your words, we are just hoping for a better new year and that we can start the year off with some good news

Wednesday 12 December 03:23pm

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

Well ladies my thoughts were correct test showed up BFN we will now wait till after xmas and try again, thank u very everyones thoughts and kind words

Tuesday 11 December 07:15am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

Thanks ladies, dont think it will be looking good, still bleeding will lwt u know in the morning when i still have to do test

Monday 10 December 07:56am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

thank you

Sunday 09 December 12:00pm

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

No brown this morning, more red 1st thing when i woke up but now it seems to be more of a watery blood, still have a lil bit of faith left, test is tuesday so got everything crossed, AF would have ...

Sunday 09 December 09:37am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

Hmm woke up this morning with brownish discharge, really hoping it's just an implantion bleed and not a period, fingers crossed

Saturday 08 December 10:33am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

3 day's to go till test, all fingers and toes crossed

Friday 07 December 10:23pm

[email protected] replied to topic Pain after IVF egg retrival

egg retrival went well as did embryo transfer, the only down fall is this bloating, went to my gp today has put me on a liquid diet till i go back and see him tomorrow

Thursday 29 November 05:49pm

[email protected] started new topic Pain after IVF egg retrival

Hi just wandering if anybody else fills very bloated and sore after having their eggs collected? I had mine collected last friday and embryo transfer on monday, since fri my belly fills so bloated ...

Wednesday 28 November 08:11am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

oh thank u, lol question, I got some elvit yesterday do u think it would be safe to start taking them now

Tuesday 27 November 10:25am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

Thank you, wat does BFP stand for? not that good with these things lol

Tuesday 27 November 10:10am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

had 1 embryo transfer done 2day, now a long awaited 16 days before we can do the test, fingers crossed

Monday 26 November 05:36pm

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

Yeah 9 fertilized eggs, go back on Monday for embryo transfer

Saturday 24 November 11:50am

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

only had 2 days were i was moody and snappy so wasnt to bad out of the 9 lol, think i needed to really try not to as i already have a 4 year old so wasnt very fair to her if i was moody lol. feelin...

Thursday 22 November 02:20pm

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

YEAH, get to go for egg collection on Friday, starting to fill nervous and a little bit more real now lol

Tuesday 20 November 12:18pm

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

Opps got a bit excited and a day ahead of my self, scan is not till tomorrow! So does ivf work the same in New Zealand as it does here in Tassie JLL22? seems like such a long wait till feb, if old ...

Monday 19 November 01:19pm

[email protected] replied to topic Starting IVF

Thank you very much, so far smooth, scan on monday and then hopefully ready for egg collection on frid, congrats on ur's hope all go smooth 4 u

Friday 16 November 08:07pm
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