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kathryn5219 replied to topic 3yo would NOT do poos in the toilet

Hi there Im afraid i cant offer much help but i can tell you that you are SO not alone! Im training my 2 1/2 year old-well im not sure if im training him or not anymore!!LOL! We have made numerous...

Thursday 22 March 12:08pm

kathryn5219 started new topic too many feeds for an 11month old??

hey all my third baby, Molly who is about to turn 11months old in 2 days time LOVES to feed! She is currently feeding about 5-7 times in 24 hours and that includes at least 1-3 times between 7pm a...

Wednesday 21 February 08:13pm

kathryn5219 started new topic Help i feel my toddler doesn't love me!

Hey Monique Well what your experiancing is 100% normal and healthy! Your son is at an age where they start to realise a differance between mum and dad. As a boyhe is drawn to his daddy because the...

Saturday 13 January 12:05pm

kathryn5219 replied to topic Breastfeeding with teeth

is it her purposly rubbing her teeth or is it just an accidental rub? if its something she knowingly does then its a learnt behaviour that she can be taught to stop-my 9month old started biting me ...

Saturday 13 January 07:55am

kathryn5219 replied to topic HOLDING OFF POOS

we have a similar problem with our son who is 2 1/2 he is doing great with the wee wees but has been doing poos in his pants up till the last 2 days where i think he has started holding on. We have...

Friday 12 January 08:14pm

kathryn5219 started new topic Third time lucky?!?!

Well were hoping its third time lucky with TTing my 2 1/2 year old son. He is extremely stubbourn and unless its his idea its a bad idea. So we are having to take it slowly and very relaxed. If we ...

Thursday 11 January 08:42pm

kathryn5219 replied to topic 15 month old hitting and throwing

honey honey honey! 15months is the age where this thing begins yes but that is not an excuse1 its not his teeth, and its not him being unwell-its just your baby turning into a toddler who is testi...

Wednesday 03 January 07:50pm

kathryn5219 replied to topic Best thing/memory of your labour

I would have to say that the feeling of baby sort of sliding(if it can be called that!) out-after the intense pain of the head is over, is an amazing feeling. I only felt this with my third because...

Sunday 31 December 02:41pm

kathryn5219 started new topic Would you buy......

Hey girls Just a quick question- If there was a freshly cooked organic option for baby food in your supermarket fridge or freezer that was only margionally more expecive than the current foods yo...

Sunday 31 December 09:24am

kathryn5219 started new topic How to survive a 3 day break in breastfeeding?

Hey girls My darling Daughter is 9months and has been an awsome feeder. She loves it so much she gets this lok of "ahh thats the stuff" on her face when she latches on! We love to snuggle in bed t...

Sunday 31 December 08:58am

kathryn5219 replied to topic I know ive asked b4,but its still happening! Pooing outside still!

Hi Mel I dont have this problem myself but my mum was telling me about a friend of hers who had. She used to apparently, take the child outside and wash them down with a freezing cold washer and ...

Saturday 30 December 02:33pm

kathryn5219 started new topic New to Ballarat-all alone!!!

Hey I moved to Ballarat a week ago and already am lonely! We moved from Geelong for my husbands work and i left behind my family friends and a very comfy life!!! We have three children-Zack is 4, ...

Saturday 09 December 07:52am

kathryn5219 started new topic Dummy removal success story for 2 1/2 year old!

Hey I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to get rid of my sons dummy and recently did it with great success. My first son was a breeze to get rid of it and we did it when he wa...

Monday 27 November 02:01pm

kathryn5219 started new topic Just not interested inf solids...still!!

Hey all My likke girl Molly is 8months old now and still goes most days with very little or no soids at all. She is not little thing either-quite the chubb but LOVES a booby drink. I find if someo...

Monday 27 November 07:14am

kathryn5219 replied to topic 2 1/2 year old obsessed with her nipples....

Hi Emma I thought that this was the cutest post i have ever read!!! What a cutie!! Well, as far as it beng of concern, at this age and this point i would do what your doing. Dont make a huge issue...

Monday 27 November 07:05am

kathryn5219 started new topic Being a Christain Parent!

Hi all I just thought i would add a post for christian parents to discuss the ins and outs of raising a family and the difficulties we sometimes face-for example - tv, christmas, certain games, mu...

Tuesday 14 November 06:17pm

kathryn5219 replied to topic anti-depressants and breastfeeding

Hi Rosalie I started taking anti depressants when my second son was 6months old and i was breastfeeding him at the time-he weaned himself around 12 months with no noticable side affects or problem...

Tuesday 14 November 04:59pm

kathryn5219 replied to topic Night Wanderers!

just re-read my post and you can see from it that i am truly sleep deprived!! Please excuse the spelling mistakes-im sure you all know what i was meaning!! Thanks Kath

Tuesday 14 November 04:18pm

kathryn5219 started new topic Night Wanderers!

Hey ladies I have a 2 year old son who goes wandering each night to come into my bed. If i find the energy and put him back 15 mins later he comes back again. The only way to keep him in his own b...

Tuesday 14 November 04:16pm

kathryn5219 replied to topic lost cause

a similar thing happened with our son. We were vigilant at taking him to the loo for about 4 weeks then we started to back off to let him tell us when he needed to go and he did for a week or so th...

Tuesday 14 November 03:40pm
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