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No I havnt had a scan yet got one when im 12 weeks but it feels like such a long wait. I dont wanna feel like im hasseling my midwife

Hi all, Im currently about 8weeks 4days pregnant with my third child i had bad nausea with my first son and vommiting with my 2nd son but this time all I feel is tired and nothing else. Is this normal Because im not convinced im pregnant even though iv had a few positve tests. Hoping for a girl this time [Edited on 24/06/2009]

Hey there Im keen to be added, I have to lil boys one aged 4 and the other is 8weeks today My name on bebo is marlenec92

Hey there. Im 26 engaged and have 2 boys one will be 5 august 09 and the other will be 1 october 09. Im always looking for people to chat to

Hey there, My older boy was a ratbag when it came to sleeping, my plunket nurse suggested I let him cry for 5minutes then if hes still going pick him up give him a cuddle calm him down and try burping him to make sure he has no wind and then put him back down. I found it took a few days and when I was about to give up it eventually worked. Maybe you could try that.

Hi there. Just wanted to announce the arrival of my son Hunter David Maynard. Date of birth: 27th October 2008 Weight: 7lb 3oz Length: 56.5cm Head: 37cm Time Of Birth: 6:04pm Hospital: Rotorua I shoked myself this time and had a quick labour with no pain releif as much as i would have liked to have had it at the time lol [Edited on 18/12/2008]

Hi there. My 7week old son sleeps between 7 to 9hours a night I just let him sleep and dont wake him for feeds and I have found my milk supply hasn't changed I just find I wake with very full breasts and i just feed him till hes had enough which I am happy with and I have had no prbs with his weight gain and hes a very happy baby. My 4 year old was the complete opposite as he woke for feeds every 2 to 4hours so I think this is bliss lol. Every baby is different. My plunket nurse has told me im a very lucky lady. Just go with what you are happy with

Hi. I have a 7 week old baby who has slept round 7 to 9 hours straight at night but hes still in bassinet but I noticed when we went on holiday recently he was in a portercot and was very unsettled and thought it may have been the big open space he didnt like. How long has your baby been in a cot? maybe the same problem? As for the colic the advice of a doctor would be the best way to go

Hi my name is marlene had my 2nd child in october (my older boy is 4). I live i ngongotaha and also looking to meet people as I do not know very many and being an at home mum its nice to have other adults to talk to when im not busy with my baby or older son lol