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Hi there, Are there any mummies out there from Rotorua? I am 27, married and have 3 children. Jayden 5, Hunter 19months and Britney 3months.

Hi there... Please do not worry too much. My mum has been severe epileptic since she was 1 and had 3 children and we have all turned out just fine

Hi ladies, Well I havn't been on here for a few months so thought I would come check things out. I had my daughter Britney(baby #3) 19th feb day before my scan date and she weighed 7lb 1oz. When she came out my Midwife said my dates would have been right as she looked 2 weeks over cooked and my period date was 3 week different to scan date. I also have 2 boys 5 and 19months so have my hands pretty full these days but at least I got my girl hehe

Hi there, I ended up just slowly introducing formula when my son was six months old I would give one or 2 bottles a day to start with. The reason I did it was because I found out I was pregnant and wanted to have a break from breastfeeding before my baby was born. The transition was easy just need to give it time

Hi, I have an 11month old and would like to fall pregnant again but unfortunately just found out I am not ovulating even though I have been getting my period for over 6 monthd regularly every 29days. I believe its the breastfeeding and this is the one thing I havnt tried yet as I wanted to breastfeed for 2 years. So I am going to wait until she is 1 years old then slowly wean so it is as smooth as possible for both her and I. Any ideas on how to wean as easy as possible when both I and my baby love this time more than anything??? Im dreading it, but really would like another baby soon, as we want a big family. Thanks

Hi Ladies, I would like to announce the arrival of my little girl Britney Dawn Born Friday 19 feb (1 day before due date), 810am weighing 7lb1oz (3260g), Length 48cm, HC 34cm. I have to say it was my hardest labour of the 3 as she came out posterior nothing I did made her turn When I went to bed thursday night I felt a bit crampy but thought I was just BH but after a couple of hours of not being able to get to sleep (it was 1230am)I woke DH and told him I will go for a shower and when I got out and started drying myself I noticed a bit of blood on towel so told DH I would ring MW, by then I was really feeling the contractions and she told me she would meet us up at the hospital. When she did the internal I was suprised when she told me I was already 4cm it was horrible because my cervix was still high and posterior so she had to pull it down so she could break my waters. Things progressed really slowly, she did say I would have bub by 8am she is shuch a good guesser. When it came t...

Hi ladies, How is everyone doing? I can't believe I only have 2 days till due date. I thought it had dragged but now I look back I have been that busy with my other 2 kiddies that its gone quite quickly. Had MW appointment yesterday and bub is now fully engaged but the little monkey has turned posterior I am determine for her to move before labour starts as i don't want another labour like i had with my 1st. MW said if nothing has happend by next wednesday she will do s&s to get things going and I think I will still be here next wednesday too with my track record I will go over lol. I have noticed when I get up during the night my back and hips are all clicky does anyone else have this? I am not sure if its normal because I never got it with the boys and forgot to ask my MW. Well must get going and get my oldest ready for school. Labour vibes to all those still waiting and congrats to those who have their bundles already [Edited on 18/02/2010]

mum2willie - I insert 1 EPO capsual internally per day and lay down for about an hour so it dissolves and I also wear a pad because it leaks a little when standing.

Hi ladies, It has been a while again since I posted on here. Have been keeping up to date with reading everyones posts and congrats to those who are already holding their little bundles of joy I had midwife appointment the other day and all is well bub is no longer breech thank goodness she turned back head down a couple of weeks ago And she is also 1/5 engaged yay almost fully engaged (my midwife does it backwards lol) hoping that means she will come early and not be stubborn like my boys were I have been using epo everyday now for the last week I started it a week earlier this time so hopefully its more effective even though it did the trick last time one can dream lol. Anyhow ladies must go I am going to have a rest while DS2 is having a nap. Labour vibes to all xox [Edited on 06/02/2010]

Hi ladies, Sorry to crash your thread but this was me 2 years ago and just wanted to say a big congrats to you all I am due to have number 3 in a couple of weeks