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Hi paige's mum Thanx for your message. I had a dating scan 3 weeks ago coz I felt to good and got put back 3 weeks thinking I was 9 weeks and being told I was only 6 weeks couldn't see much but the babes heart beat was 100 bpm. I have never experienced a misscarrige and would hate to know what that is like. Id say Im just being paranoid. Just under 3 weeks till my 12 week scan yay

Hi traceylee, Looks like it will be a race to see who comes 1st lol. I should be so lucky my 1st was 5 days late and my 2nd was 6 days late. Im freaking about the labour already I so cant handle pain and with my last I started to have a panic attack just before I started pushing (I have been getting panic attacks that come and go for the last 12 years) So this time around should be interesting. I so want a girl [Edited on 19/07/2009]

Hi ladies I will join this thread Im also pregnant with number 3 due 20th feb. I have 2 boys, Jayden will be 5 on the 6th August and Hunter will be 9 months next week. I need reassuring with my first I was nauseas alot of the time and my second I was sick everyday but this time i have had nothing apart from the odd smell making me think YUK. please Help me stop thinking silly thoughts

Morning Ladies, Ok I need reassuring I'm 9 weeks and I still have no morning sickness certain smells every now and then will make me think YUK but apart from that I feel really good. Has any1 else had this problem as this is my 3rd pregnancy and with the first I was nauseas and the second I was sick everyday HELP!!!

Hi there with my children I have used names that older family members have had my oldest has the middle name luke and my 2nd has the middle name david my 3rd which I am preg with now will either have james if its a boy or dawn if its a girl. Hope that helps

Hello Ladies. Not sure how much longer I will stay in this forum I feel like Im talking to myself most of the time no offence to anyone. I'm so tired today just glad I have had no morning sickness at this stage and I will be 9 weeks tomorrow although while cooking a tomatoe and onion sausages cook in the pot last night the smell made me feel really yuk! Im not sure why I have gone off sausages coz I didnt with my other 2. I find salt'n'vinegar chips gets rid of the nausea if it starts very strange. Anyhow ladies I must go got soup cooking at the mo DH came home from work early full of a cold thats going to his chest.

Hi ladies, How is everyone feeling? I still feel really good I'm now 8weeks and 3days and still no morning sickness just feel icky every now and then. With my first I was nauseas from day 1 and with my second a was vomiting alot by now so fingers crossed. Still dissapointed that my date got put back 3 weeks when I had my date scan I would have been 12 weeks this comming saturday but never mind I guess it happens when my body hasnt had a chance to settle down after my 8 1/2month old but it will be worth it in the end. Anyhow ladies hope everyone is well and will check in soon. PS how do you put the ticker thing on?

Hi ladies. Felling pretty good today only feel a little yuk when I think of food. Finally 7 weeks yesterday although I would have been 10 if my dates didnt get put back. Since iv been pregnant I have been having dreams about being really grumpy with someone and when I wake up in the morning I have noticed that I have been real annoyed because of it I think this is really weird because I never had that with the last 2. Has anyone else had this problem or am I just strange lol. Mareetina I had to drink a litre of water with both my kids and was busting to go to the toilet while I waited and then got told to go empty my bladder just before the scan started I guess it depends where you live. With my date scan for this pregnancy I couldnt hold on any longer and went to the toilet before going in and then when the scan got done the lady told me my bladder was still full which I thought was amaizing I thought I was going to get sent away because of it being empty. [Edited on 05/07/2009]

Hello ladies how is everyone doing? Well my nausea has finally kicked in the last 3 days its been hitting me at lunch time and comes in waves hopefully it only stays that way and i dont start a vomiting yuk. Would love to have a nap during the day but with a nearly 5 year old and 8month old it gets a bit hard to even sit down for half an hour lol. Anyhow I must get going and check dinner dear husband is starving you would think he has never been fed haha

Hi ladies im due 20th feb 2010 I thought I was 9 weeks and went for a scan last week and got put back to 6 weeks. I have 2 boys one will be 5 next month and the other is 8 months (fingers crossed for a girl this time) very nervous but getting excited, morning sickness hasnt started yet although i did start to feel a little off yesterday.