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keti replied to topic How do u 'burp' your bub?

Hi KathrynRose If your baby is getting better after expressing the first part of breast milk, it is probably not lactose intolerance as lactose is present throughout the breastfeed (not just in th...

Wednesday 05 March 08:55am

keti replied to topic How do u 'burp' your bub?

The issue with food intolerances is not related to how quickly they enter breastmilk but how long it takes to build up to a point that they have an impact on your baby's bowels - i.e you might be o...

Monday 03 March 10:39am

keti replied to topic How long do you leave newborns to cry?

I usually give my 8 week old a minute or 2 to see if she will self settle (which I know she can do) - she tends to do this if she is grizzling. However, if it is a genuine cry then she is calling ...

Monday 03 March 10:26am

keti replied to topic Cannot settle to sleep in pram

Hi Thanks for the replies. I have used both the baby bjorn and hug a bub and both are fabulous if I am up and moving! This makes it hard to do things like lunches (or drink hot drinks out with f...

Monday 03 March 10:16am

keti started new topic Cannot settle to sleep in pram

Hi all, I have an 8 week old who settles fairly well in her cot. However, if I have an outing (mother's group, appointments etc) she will not settle to sleep in her pram. I use the usual settlin...

Saturday 01 March 09:17am

keti replied to topic Awake from 6pm - this normal?

Hi there Bernie 7 I was told that this is normal. I have had the same problem since my 7 week old was 3 weeks old! I now eat dinner at 5pm while she is asleep and when she is awake (6pm-9/10pm) ...

Saturday 23 February 07:18am

keti replied to topic would u do this?

YES!! I think you did the right thing. By asking if the baby was ok - you sent a message that you are concerned about the baby. There is not much more that you can do than that. You also gave m...

Saturday 23 February 07:01am

keti replied to topic Who do I complain to?

Maternal and Child Health is a state government funded service but usually managed through the local council. It is probably best to contact the health department in your state (not sure which sta...

Saturday 23 February 06:45am

keti replied to topic feed,play,sleep WHAT!!!!

I was told to try to get my (6 week old) baby to sleep for at least 2 sleep cycles (approx 1.5hrs) but was finding that with feed, play, sleep she was not sleeping for more than 45 minutes at a tim...

Friday 22 February 09:21am
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