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moan replied to topic Redlands????

Sorry ladies i can't make it the painter is coming. Just what i need a smelly house for the long weekend. Would love to catch up on the next one. Have a good long weekend ladies and try and stay h...

Thursday 24 April 05:46pm

moan replied to topic Redlands????

Hi girls, i am a mum to a dd 3 and a ds 19mths i live in Ormiston and would love to catch up with some mums. I have been to Mulligrubs (down the road) from me and it is fantastic if you need a rest...

Friday 18 April 03:51pm

moan replied to topic does your 15mnth old sound like mine????

Hi this sounds EXACTLY like my boy except he love bath time and cries when it is time to get out.He even does the lying on the floor thing! Still has a bottle which i don't mind he has 2 actually. ...

Sunday 23 December 07:24pm

moan replied to topic aspergers anyone?

Thanks heaps for the advice i think i will leave it alone. Moan

Sunday 23 December 07:13pm

moan replied to topic Parking for parents with prams!

Hi i know exactly what you mean i point out particulary if we are loading the pram to go home that if they don't have kids i always point to the sign above the spot. They always wave a thanks and m...

Sunday 23 December 07:06pm

moan replied to topic aspergers anyone?

I was just wondering my close girl friend has a 2.5 yr old who is so much more "smarter" then mine, in the way that she can count up to 30 and knows exactly what they look like as numbers . My daug...

Tuesday 18 December 08:52pm

moan replied to topic August 06 munchkins

Hey ladies, i have a dd who is 2.5 and a ds who was born 31 aug. Just wondering how much weight roughly are your boys? I get told alot my boy is big 12kg ,2 kg less then my daughter, but i don't th...

Monday 10 December 07:58pm

moan replied to topic Grinding Teeth

Thank you that does make sense as he has 2 sharp teeth half way down that are sharp and 2 more nearly cutting. Will keep it it mind now that he isn't doing it it annoy us!!!!!! just joking Thanks ...

Saturday 01 December 01:57pm

moan started new topic Grinding Teeth

Hi my 15 mth old is grinding his teeth what can i do to stop it? He has a dummy but that is going in the xmas holidays and he has only 6 more teeth to go, he is not far off cutting the other 2 then...

Monday 26 November 01:32pm

moan replied to topic darrell lea factory outlets

Hi i was ther e a month ago i didn't find it thast cheap with the normal items but a few good specials but be weary of the dates. I did by 3.5 kg box of ind. wraped mango liquirce it was only $5- n...

Sunday 09 September 05:15pm

moan started new topic 11.5mth old has colic

Hi i need some help! I ahve a 11.5mth old who i have tried to wean off the breast and has ended up with colic. But while breast feeding he is fine. He hates formula and i have tried cows milk and h...

Saturday 25 August 06:00pm

moan replied to topic Suggestions on double pram or toddler seat.....?

Hi ladies, I have a e3 a phil and ted pram and it is great. They are expensive but my daughter was 17mths and with a new born. she still slept and being nerarly 2.5 now she still sleeps, up the top...

Saturday 25 August 05:42pm

moan replied to topic warning nurofen for children change in amounts of medicne to give.

If i caould find a email address i would but only a normal address. But i am going to ring back up on Monday and complain again my complaint was only noted last time. Thanks

Saturday 18 August 05:16pm

moan started new topic warning nurofen for children change in amounts of medicne to give.

Hi, I need to vent. How many mums check each time they give the kids the nurofen? I do as i have 2 kids diff ages and weights andyway how many go by weight or age? My 11 mth old had the bad flu tem...

Saturday 18 August 05:11pm

moan started new topic Too clingy to dad

Hi has anyone else had this my 2 yr old girl only wants her dad to do things. He is a teacher so we get to see him alot but for e.g out shopping (she is t. trained). when i go to the loo i take her...

Wednesday 13 June 09:58am

moan replied to topic Walking at 9months!

Hi my daughter started at 9mths too we didn't crawl either a day at the most we walked along the couch from 7mths and then just took off. And let me tell you i am encourging my 9mth old son but in ...

Sunday 10 June 05:43pm

moan replied to topic How much does your 9mth old eat?

Hi my 9mth old boy is pretty much the same as yours, 3 solid feeds and 4 b/feeds and water and more breast when ever he wants it. He is 10.8kg but remember when they start crawling and walking they...

Sunday 10 June 05:35pm

moan replied to topic 8.5 months old still has not said 1st word

Hi my son 9mths does not either he babbles but not mumma or dadda. He crawls and walks along furniture. I am not really concerned as he is very differnet to my daughter who is now 2 she was talking...

Sunday 10 June 05:28pm

moan replied to topic doesn't like me cleaning her teeth

Hi , I bought my daughter who is 2 a electric tooth brush and she loves it and my 9mth old took it off her in the shower and suprisingly he love the feel of it too so we went and got him one too.He...

Sunday 10 June 05:03pm

moan replied to topic When did ur bub cut their eye teeth????

Hi, My ds son has just cut both his eye teeth in the last 2 days that is number 6. He got 2 bootom first at 6mths then at 7.5mths he got top 2 and now at 9mths he has top eye teeth. I am still brea...

Sunday 10 June 04:58pm
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