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hlow replied to topic When did ur.........

about 8 weeks.. whoohooh! Keira had reflux, and once we've figured that out, she slept through the night!

Saturday 21 June 03:21am

hlow replied to topic wakeful baby

I"m so glad to have found you guys experiencing the same thing. I was really worried that my baby wasnt getting enough sleep during the day, or whether i wasnt doing something right. So its normal ...

Tuesday 20 May 02:39pm

hlow replied to topic How LITTLE does your newborn drink?

phew. thank god i found this post. i was getting a little worried as my DD is only 4 days old. I couldnt produce breast milk, so we've started her on formula, she started with 50mls, and now she's...

Tuesday 22 April 04:39pm

hlow replied to topic Mother In Laws!

Hey Afra, Sounds like she doesnt have much going in her life, and she wants to fill it in with 'something'. Definitely a parent who cant seem to let go. Hard to say what the best solution is with...

Sunday 06 April 10:05am

hlow replied to topic Family BUDGET and Saving $$$$

Am speaking from NZ: I use auction sites quite a bit, and if your patient enough, the product you can get the product that you want for really cheap. Trademe! Chinese grocery shops are quite cheap...

Saturday 05 April 08:16pm

hlow started new topic hello

hi all, first post ever. am due 17 april. my backs been giving me sleepless nights for about a month now. Anyone else experiencing that?

Saturday 22 March 05:03am
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