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kthumwood replied to topic Top ups, weaning or perserverance?

I have the same problem, a pressure to continue breastfeeding but my son (also 5 months) wakes every 2 hours at the moment and ive had enough. I started him on solids and it hasnt really helped muc...

Tuesday 04 May 12:51am

kthumwood replied to topic lactose overload

My peadiatrician said i had a fast flow and to lay down and feed or use a breast feeding pillow with pillows underneath so basically your baby is parralel to your breast rather than it having down...

Tuesday 04 May 12:48am

kthumwood started new topic No sleep at night

My baby boy is 5 months old and is so unsettled. He seems to wak every 2 hours for a feed. We tried starting him on solids and he has just got a cold and wont eat but even before then he was up alo...

Tuesday 04 May 12:42am
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