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Rhi84 replied to topic Need a Nappy Cake Melbourne

I know a lady who does them in South Morang if thats any help? If you have facebook you can add her page- Lil Leisa's Creations

Thursday 19 January 07:47am

Rhi84 replied to topic autism services in QLD

Hi there Just wondering if anyone can tell me what sort of services are provided by the state for preschool/school age kids with autism? Hello, I know this is an old post so not sure if you will ...

Friday 12 August 01:09am

Rhi84 replied to topic i am feeling quite pleased today!

Yay congrats, that is a good day! Well done on the weight loss, my eating healthy never seems to last But i figure i cant be too concerned cos i keep buying chocolate But i did have a mars re...

Friday 18 March 07:42am

Rhi84 replied to topic coke

My cousin was also telling me today today how her FIL keeps getting food stuck in his chest while its going down, very painful to the extent of calling an ambulance, and the doctor told him to scul...

Friday 18 March 07:37am

Rhi84 replied to topic If you were given 90% Girl at your 20 week ultrasound...

I would believe it! I was told 70% girl at my 20 week scan with DD, I wasn't convinced so had another one at 30 weeks and again they said girl, Then i went pink crazy! Good luck either way

Friday 18 March 07:29am

Rhi84 replied to topic Huggies APP

Me too!!! Every now and then i will search incase they have made one! Come on huggies, make an app!!! Please...

Wednesday 09 March 11:06pm

Rhi84 replied to topic The most horrible thing to say >: (

OMG what a horrible thing to say to someone who is grieving! She is obviously not a mother and doesnt understand you love your little peanut from the moment you find out you are pregnant!

Wednesday 09 March 11:04pm

Rhi84 replied to topic "Guardian Angel"

Ohh it does make your hairs stand up! I have heard that children are more in touch with there spiritual side, and i tend to believe it. My DD will often be playing in her room and randomly start to...

Wednesday 09 March 10:59pm

Rhi84 replied to topic what are you in need of right now

A bottle of wine and some sleep! Oh and hubby home i guess...oh and some money too!

Sunday 27 February 07:26am

Rhi84 replied to topic Black swan movie

Oh wow, its scary?? I want to see it and have been told its very weird but i didnt think scary!

Sunday 27 February 07:23am

Rhi84 replied to topic Who did you want to be

Katie Holmes in Dawsons Creek! NOT her now!!!

Sunday 27 February 06:56am

Rhi84 replied to topic PLEASE VOTE FOR MY STORY

Done. Goodluck

Friday 25 February 07:53am

Rhi84 replied to topic Would you say somthing? If so what?

OMG who leaves their newborn like that??? and for so long! Good on you for taking such good care of him. What did the police do?

Wednesday 23 February 05:37am

Rhi84 replied to topic Giggle and hoot

We have the beanie plush hoot toy, it's a good play size, they also have a larger one too but I noticed the other day that they are out of stock, i'd advise going on mailing list will let you know...

Monday 21 February 08:22am

Rhi84 replied to topic Giggle and hoot

Thanks, they must be very popular! I did check ebay but they were all around $40 some $70 i was hoping they werent that much! I guess ill just keep checking there website. They are pretty cute!

Monday 21 February 07:15am

Rhi84 replied to topic Argh!!!!

Ahhhh well i definatly cant top that, im just a bit sick and hanging for sleep! Goodluck with the rest of the night, hopefully they have all worn themselves out!

Monday 21 February 06:38am

Rhi84 replied to topic Yuck!

Ewwwww these are gross... im glad ive already finished my dinner!

Monday 21 February 06:34am

Rhi84 replied to topic Cot, Toddler Bed or Single Bed

I would say cot, then hopefully she wont waste time trying to escape and get some sleep. I kept mine in cots till nearly 2. Also you will know where she is no running off and hiding <img src=...

Monday 21 February 06:32am

Rhi84 started new topic Giggle and hoot

Does anyone know where to buy the plush hoot toy from? My DD has just discovered she loves giggle and hoot and she cries when hoot is flying off and everyone is going to sleep, its so cute. I thoug...

Monday 21 February 06:26am

Rhi84 replied to topic Wholemeal SR flour?

Thanks ladies, i guess it will be a bit of trial and error!

Monday 21 February 06:07am
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