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Annie81 replied to topic What else could go wrong?

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you aren't alone. Our son was stillborn at 22+3w also, we got through his 2nd angelversary in October. Although the reasons for his stillbirth i...

Sunday 21 December 02:35pm

Annie81 replied to topic Sister for Elsie Jane - HELP!!

We had that same problem! It took us awhile to find a name we loved for both dd2 and dd3! We have claire, hannah and emily. Of your names I like Lucy and Alice

Tuesday 30 September 04:02am

Annie81 replied to topic Baby gender - has you scan ever been wrong?

I've got 3 girls. Our first was a surprise but the other 2 we found out and we saw the 3 white lines clearly on both of their scans

Tuesday 23 September 11:43am

Annie81 replied to topic What does everyone with parents do for christmas? RE: extended family

I have four siblings and we are all married with kids so we had to learn quickly how to appease both our family and inlaws. We alternate Xmas day and Boxing Day. This year will be Xmas day with th...

Saturday 13 September 02:38pm

Annie81 replied to topic Shortest time span between pregnancies

There's 13 months between me and my older brother. I fell pregnant with our son when dd2 was 6 months old, sadly we lost him at 22.5 weeks, but there would have been a 15 month gap.

Sunday 31 August 08:42pm

Annie81 replied to topic Which one from these 4 girls names?

Like Lucy or maeve My nephew is Flynn and his older sister is Leah

Saturday 30 August 12:26pm

Annie81 replied to topic Hypothyroid and miscarriage

Hi, I had a total thyroidectomy in 2003 (Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism). At the moment I'm taking 900mcg a week. I have had no trouble conceiving any of my pregnancies thankfully....

Monday 04 August 08:52pm

Annie81 replied to topic Paid parental leave

If you have worked 10 of the last 13 months before bub is born and a minimum of 330hrs all up then you will qualify for the government 18w paid parental leave. Your partner earning that amount I do...

Wednesday 30 July 02:24pm

Annie81 replied to topic "You don't love me" - advice needed

My 6 nearly 7yr old dd is very similar when she gets in trouble, except it's always 'don't you love me' or 'don't you like my drawing (or whatever she is doing)'....

Wednesday 30 July 02:19pm

Annie81 replied to topic how much would you pay to get your childs hair cut?

I just got dd2 hair cut for the first time and she's almost 3, so has a fair bit of hair (it's curly) and they charged me $12. I paid $17 for dd1s (nearly 7) last haircut but we cut a lo...

Sunday 27 July 01:25pm

Annie81 replied to topic Am I having an early miscarriage?

I would find another gp and ask for them to do 2 blood tests, 3 days apart to check that your hcg levels are rising! Whether you are in the process of a miscarriage or not is not am excuse for any...

Sunday 27 July 01:21pm

Annie81 replied to topic Eczema flare up on his cheeks

My dd3 is 4 1/2 months and the last couple of weeks has developed 2 dry patches on her face, one is next to her left eye and the other is next to her right ear...both spots that she likes to rub he...

Sunday 27 July 01:15pm

Annie81 replied to topic Playing outside

My kids love to fight and whinge lol...they are 6 and 2 (almost 7 and 3). But seriously they play on the swings and slide and trampoline the most. They also have skipping ropes and hula hoops, bal...

Sunday 27 July 12:43pm

Annie81 replied to topic Rainbow babies

I'm so sorry for your loss xx We lost our little man at 22+3w in oct 2012 and I am currently holding my rainbow in my arms right now, she is 18w old. It's a hard journey, especially if u...

Thursday 10 July 03:34am

Annie81 replied to topic Updates Re Jobs

That's awesome skip! Congrats

Wednesday 09 July 01:27am

Annie81 replied to topic The day is finally neally here.

How exciting 4S! That has gone so quick! Can't wait to hear if it's blue or pink

Wednesday 09 July 01:26am

Annie81 replied to topic Does Your Child

Haha yes! I call both my older 2 seagulls for this reason lol

Friday 04 July 06:47am

Annie81 replied to topic so..... is anyone

Hubby has an older brother that we have not spoken to in 8yrs. He caused a lot of trouble between hubby and his family to the point where they didn't attend our wedding. There was alot of nast...

Friday 04 July 06:32am

Annie81 replied to topic No heart beat

If she's in ingleburn she can contact either Liverpool or campbelltown hospital. Get her to ring the ante-natal clinic or the maternity ward to speak to a midwife. She can explain her situatio...

Tuesday 01 July 07:46pm

Annie81 replied to topic No heart beat

Yeh they would be able to give her another scan on their machines. Has she spoken to a doctor about her scan results?

Tuesday 01 July 05:24am
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