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KirkieW replied to topic once you get a default on your credit rating

Defaults stay on your credit file for 5 years, not 7. The listing will only be updated to show it as paid, if the creditor updates the listing. Often, they're lazy, and don't bother to do so. Bu...

Thursday 02 December 10:01am

KirkieW replied to topic Hypo allergenic santitary pads....

Many women find cloth pads are a great alternative for dealing with these kinds of issues. You can get some gorgeous ones, too! I don't get thrush, but I've noticed that my bleeds are lighter and...

Sunday 24 October 01:27am

KirkieW replied to topic Whats going on with my DD??

You could try co-sleeping. It works for us. There's few more beautiful sights, too, than waking up in the morning to see your little one snuggled up next to you. It's biologically normal (and cu...

Wednesday 20 October 11:14am

KirkieW replied to topic Very Q. BF question

If he's not wanting to feed off one side, she could always try holding him in the football position so it's more or less the same as feeding off the other side. It might be that due to something d...

Friday 15 October 11:40am

KirkieW replied to topic thanks huggs mums for the sewing advice

That looks fabulous! I usually cross the straps under DD's bum rather than behind, but do whatever is most comfy for the two of you

Sunday 10 October 07:25am

KirkieW replied to topic HELP Looking for pattern for a mei tai sling

I made this one and I love it! I used denim for the straps and the internal structure (a double-layer internally), some nice soft minkee for the inside, and some really hard-to-sew-with interlock ...

Tuesday 28 September 08:10am

KirkieW replied to topic Present ideas please

Musical instruments? Xylophone, maracas, triangle, castanets, drums, etc? There are some beautiful and very durable wooden instruments for kids around (not triangles obviously!)

Friday 02 July 04:50am

KirkieW replied to topic "boys" and "girls" toys

One of my DD's favourite toys is her Tonka truck She loves anything with wheels, really - loves toy cars, etc. She also plays with teddies, etc - but it's not always "nurturing" kind of play - s...

Friday 02 July 04:36am

KirkieW replied to topic what do your toddlers do

She showers with me. She loves to wash my legs and pumice my feet, as well as clean the shower walls. Sometimes her doll joins us, too,

Friday 02 July 03:53am

KirkieW replied to topic country change

I'd love to do this kind of thing too! I think doing it commune-style is the way to go, though, because then everyone isn't trying to do everything - you each do a bit and share/barter for the b...

Wednesday 30 June 04:26am

KirkieW replied to topic WAPF Families

I'm not sure what the status is now, but I grew up on a raw goats milk dairy. We had to provide samples to the local ag lab every fortnight, and undergo a stringent inspection of our dairy every 6...

Tuesday 29 June 04:24am

KirkieW replied to topic Help please....

Be careful with credit card balance transfers - it's fine if you only transfer the balance and pay it off, but they get you with a couple of traps. The first is that you might be approved for one ...

Monday 28 June 04:52am

KirkieW replied to topic WAPF Families

Weston Price was a dentist a few decades ago who did worldwide studies on the links between nutrition and tooth decay. He found that people groups around the world (I think he studied people group...

Monday 28 June 04:43am

KirkieW replied to topic WAPF Families

Not in its entirety, but getting slowly closer. We're gradually making a lot of lifestyle changes and WAPF stuff is one of them.

Sunday 27 June 10:53pm

KirkieW replied to topic Help!!!!

At work, I do credit history checks every day. We don't use D&B though, we use Veda Advantage. You can get a free credit history check if you go here and scroll down. You have to wait about 10 d...

Saturday 26 June 04:09am

KirkieW replied to topic Your 'dream' job

I'd love to be a doula or homebirth midwife...

Tuesday 22 June 07:35am

KirkieW replied to topic Is this something to worry about?

My DD (23 months) says heaps of words backwards - my fave is "bunnet" = "button." Not concerned at all, she's just working out how to try to put all these sounds and syllables together.

Tuesday 22 June 04:20am

KirkieW replied to topic About time

Hmmm. The concept is OK, but it means you're almost expecting to be raped every time you wear it - which might be the case in South Africa. What concerns me is that a lot of the sexual assault ha...

Tuesday 22 June 04:17am

KirkieW replied to topic Makes me angry

Another consequence that not many people think about of dumping pets is that those who do survive often breed with other wild dogs, and dingoes, and become a menace to wildlife and livestock. Wher...

Tuesday 15 June 01:47am

KirkieW replied to topic What do you do

Have any of you tried telling your kids that you're going to your room and will be closing the door for a few minutes, because you need some time out? It will give you some space to breathe, and h...

Tuesday 15 June 01:27am
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