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RZ&C replied to topic how much per day??

Ours have just gone up to $54.00 per day, that's after the whopping $6.00 we get chipped in from the government.

Monday 07 July 10:34am

RZ&C started new topic Clothes

Have you ever been given hideous clothing for your children as gifts, or clothes that are totally inappropriate for their age, sex etc? Do you throw them in the back of the wardrobe and hope they'...

Monday 07 July 10:06am

RZ&C replied to topic difference between spinal block and epidural??

Hi There I know how you feel. I had an epidural with my first that only numbed to my knees. It had to be topped up twice before numbing me to the chest. I was petrified that a spinal wouldn't work...

Monday 07 July 08:57am

RZ&C replied to topic Bleeding after c-section

Congrats on the birth of your daughter. I had a gorgeous little girl on the same day by c/section aswell!! I am still bleeding, no end in sight. I seem to recall it stopped sooner with my older d...

Monday 07 July 08:50am

RZ&C replied to topic has anyone had labour start before scheduled CS date?

I asked my ob about this, and was told that I would still have a c/section, it would just be classed as emergency not elective. I do know a lady that had this happen, and she still had a c/section.

Monday 07 July 08:47am

RZ&C replied to topic will they allow cameras in the operating room?

I had an emergency with my first, and we didn't think to take it as everything was so rushed, but I just had an elective, and we did take the camera.

Monday 07 July 08:46am

RZ&C replied to topic What time do they do elective c-sections?

I spoke to my ob about this the other day, and she said they have a "morning" list and an "afternoon" list, but I would have to find out more the day before (i'm a public patient). She said if I w...

Saturday 21 June 10:46am

RZ&C replied to topic Elective in 6 days - Bad Cold

Thanks everyone. I feel a bit more relaxed now! I did mention it to my ob the other day and she said "see you Tuesday" so I guess it's ok. Thanks brockey for the advice about coughing. Yippee - 4...

Saturday 21 June 10:41am

RZ&C replied to topic IS THE PRICE OF PETROL....

It hasn't affected me much at all. I refuse to use public transport until they make it more reliable. I caught the bus to the mechanic last week to pick up my car. A trip that would take less tha...

Thursday 19 June 08:02am

RZ&C started new topic Elective in 6 days - Bad Cold

I will be having a c/section next Tuesday, and I have come down with a cold. I obviously can't take anything for it, and i'm hoping it will be gone before then, but my question is will they still p...

Thursday 19 June 04:41am

RZ&C replied to topic how long to stay?

I am having a c/section, but i'm hoping to stay only 2 days. I did this with my daughter (also a c/section) and they sent a midwife to my house for a few days. I would be out of there straight aw...

Tuesday 17 June 04:28pm

RZ&C replied to topic You are scaring me LOL

I have had an emergency, and will be having an elective next week. I had NO TROUBLE recovering. Not everyone's is a horror story. When I was pregnant with my first, people loved telling me their ...

Tuesday 17 June 04:22pm

RZ&C replied to topic the most embarressing thing your child has said in public

My 2 year old and I were out shopping recently, and were waiting at the counter to pay for some clothes. She told me in her loudest voice that "Zoe's done poos mum" and asked me to change her. I to...

Tuesday 17 June 04:03pm

RZ&C replied to topic Gestational diabetes, induced early??

I had GD with my daughter, and I was induced a few days early. My blood pressure had started to rise though, so that may have contributed.

Tuesday 17 June 03:57pm

RZ&C replied to topic So I'm being critised because.............

I have had 1 emergency caesarean, and will be having an elective in just over a week. Personally, I couldn't care less how someone chooses to have their baby. I expect people not to judge me for m...

Tuesday 17 June 04:40am

RZ&C replied to topic c-section hospital bag

I have just finished packing my bags - I stayed in hosp for 2 nights after my first c/s so i'm expecting (hoping) that will be the length of my stay this time aswell, and i'm trying not to go overb...

Tuesday 17 June 04:28am

RZ&C replied to topic Sex after C-sec??

It was 3 weeks for us. It wasn't painful or uncomfortable from what I can remember.

Tuesday 17 June 04:17am

RZ&C replied to topic C-Section, the easy way out????

I have had 1 emergency c/s and will be having an elective in 11 days. For me personally, I do think it was easier. I had a giant cut across my stomach, but I didn't find it that painful. I was up a...

Saturday 14 June 11:43am

RZ&C replied to topic 60 Minutes article about C Sections

I had an emergency c/s with my first child. I had mixed emotions at the time as my child was in danger, but I had really wanted a c/s all along and just didn't know how to ask for it. So I was frig...

Thursday 12 June 04:48am

RZ&C replied to topic How early do the roughly do csections?

I'm having mine at 39 weeks + 4 days.

Saturday 07 June 02:10pm
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