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Those of you who are wanting to join us on Facebook, please email me so I can add you as a friend on facebook and then add you to our group.

Hi my bubby was born in november aswell just wondering if i can join your FB group Please do! my details above and I can add you

Hi BabyBluebird, Congrats on your little one! Please feel free to join all the November mommies on facebook if you would like to. First look for me: Nicola Hill Poznanovich or try my email: and I can add you to out group! How is your little one doing now?

Yes, Alison and Hilary moved to Ellerslie in May this year and it's just the two of them. I live in Pakuranga and gave birth to my son 5 weeks ago and Alison was my midwife. I gave birth at Parnel Birthcare though. I think she can only be at Auckland hospital and Parnel Birthcare. I have a mobile number I can send you if you want it? Address is 102 Main Highway, Ellerslie

Alison delivered both my children and we are planning our 3rd for the beginning of next year and id love her to be my midwife but i have noticed that pregnancy care midwives in GI has closed down. I read on some website she has moved to ellerslie but there werent any contact details or anything to try and find her for when i become pregnant. Also we have recently moved from auckland city into manukau to be closer to husbands work. Do you know if midwives can deliver in any hospital in auckland or if they can only do it within their suburb? Eg manukau midiwfe can only deliver at middlemore, auckland city midiwfe can only deliver at auckland hospital etc. Also if you live in manukau can you deliver at auckland hospital? I have had both my children there and would like to have my others there Yes, Alison and Hilary moved to Ellerslie in May this year and it's just the two of them. I live in Pakuranga and gave birth to my son 5 weeks ago and Alison was my midwife. I gave birth a...

Hi everyone, I'm Nicola and from the due November thread. I'm 28 years old and my husband is 37. We have a 2 years and 3 month old daughter born 15th August 2008, her name is Asher and now we have a son to our family born 9 days early on 11 November 2010 at 5:49pm weighing 3.755kg's, HC 35cm and length of 51cm. His name is Alexander Maxim, we call him Alex for short. We live in Auckland, New Zealand but my husband and I are actually from South Africa. I found it really hard to develop breastfeeding with my daughter so I'm pleased to say that I have been exclusively breastfeeding Alex since Saturday 27 November which is such an achievement for me! I've ha cracked and bleeding nipples though and have found the cluster feeding and 2-3 hourly feeds rather draining, especially with a toddler. Alex lost weight and went down to 3.4kg's and now almost 3 weeks later he's already 4.3kg's! Apparently boys put on weight a lot quicker than girls do. Alex struggle with gas a bit but I give him...

Babi - are you one facebook? Alot of the action is in our due in november facebook page. You can look for me: Nicola Hill Poznanovich, I have a profile pic of me, my daughter and my husband. I can then add you to the facebook huggies page. This is the same for anyone else who isn't on our facebook huggies page and would like to join us! Wembly, please share your story! Love to hear it. Sam - keep us updated on how things are going for you if you can.

I gave birth at Birthcare in Parnel. They are private and you would normally pay over $200 for a private room but because I gave birth there, everything was free, food, drink, private room etc. Spent 3 days there. I plan on doing the same for this bubs.

Sorry to hear of your fall Mel... can't be fun! Lauren - yes long post <span class="emoticon tongue">tongue</span> Sorry! Had more to say than I thought! I suppose you will be having some good weather for Maddie's birthday? I've just realised it was raining when Asher was born, raining when she had her first birthday and now we have a storm for her birthday weekend! Lovely! <span class="emoticon tongue">tongue</span> Hopefully it clears up for her party next weekend so people can go outside if they want! I'm looking forward to having a baby on the brink of summer for a change! What have you bought Maddie for her birthday? We've been trying to find a toddler trampoline on trade me with not much success! They only seem to sell them at Kmart around Christmas time and Asher bounces around so much so we need one asap! We don't have space outside for a massive tramp. Here's the invitation I made up for Asher's birthday:

Hey all, I'm reading everything too. Welcome to the newbies. I'm 27 and DH is 36. We are having bub no.2. My daughter Asher will be 2 years old on the 15 August. We live in Auckland, New Zealand. We didn't get the house we so hoped to rent. The lady decided to accept an offer on the house even though she said to us it was too low. It would have been perfect. Oh well... carry on looking. We better find a house soon because I want to transition Asher into an single bed from her toddler bed asap before bubs comes along. I was nesting again yesterday and rearranged Asher's whole room. Moved everything around! Went through all her last summers clothes that she has grown out of and packed it all away to hopefully sell on trade me when it starts getting warmer here. Just realised how little winter stuff I have for Asher but thats ok, summer is almost here... hopefully I already sorted through all the unisex clothes I got for Asher before she was born but I'm not going to wash or sort ...