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Helsyd replied to topic bitting 9mnth old

Hi Tam ***waving***, just wanted to say that putting our son on the ground and walking away worked for us too Heléna

Tuesday 03 October 04:44pm

Helsyd replied to topic Anyone else feel like screaming?

ohhh Tina ((hugs)) it is so hard to get a newborn baby to sleep, how long is she crying before she finally falls asleep? Heléna

Friday 29 September 05:35pm

Helsyd replied to topic greek toys anywhere??

I have read that if you speak to him exclusively in English and your dh speaks to him exclusively in Greek then he will be able to learn both languages at the same time, I'm not sure how your dh w...

Saturday 09 September 07:06pm

Helsyd replied to topic Is my baby big?

Liam was just over 5 kilos at 5 weeks and about 56 cm long, actually the same as yours denae lol Heléna

Sunday 03 September 06:06pm

Helsyd replied to topic too big?

I don't think so as long as he is happy and healthy Liam was 9.5 kilos at 5 months Heléna

Sunday 03 September 06:03pm

Helsyd replied to topic should i wake her?

I would probably not wake her but she is probably confusing day with night, so eventually you will want her to have her longer sleep at night, at 1 week I think you are doing the right thing and...

Wednesday 09 August 05:50pm

Helsyd replied to topic too dangerous?

I think your brave to go away with a baby! but I do think you will be fine on a cruise ship! I hope you enjoy the holiday! Heléna

Saturday 29 July 05:42pm

Helsyd replied to topic hip displaysia (clicky hips)

we have not had to go through the same thing, but I thought I would post and tell you that I was born with the same condition, and had the same treatment, and have absolutely no problems today tha...

Sunday 09 July 04:22pm

Helsyd replied to topic Have You Completed a First Aid Course?

we'd love to, but with us both working fulltime, and only having such a short time with ds as it is, I'm not sure when we will ever get around to it, Heléna

Thursday 06 July 04:24pm

Helsyd replied to topic Girls Infant Nappies Leaking

we always wore one size bigger with Liam, but my cousin, had both a bapy and a girl and she just used the boy nappies on her girl as she found they were better for her ?? not sure if you might wa...

Tuesday 04 July 05:44pm

Helsyd replied to topic feeling down need a chat

Bloody men!... when are you getting your home?? whereabouts?? have you started looking yet??... I thought we could talk about the positive happy stuff! get you through to Sunday! Heléna

Saturday 10 June 05:27pm

Helsyd replied to topic Not sure but marriage maybe over

hmmm how does your husband feel about all this? is he angry? upset? does he still want to be together? I'm really sorry that the other man betrayed you, but he may be like you said, just what you...

Saturday 03 June 05:04pm

Helsyd replied to topic Dream Feeds...

they don't work for everyone, but we started after Liam was about 6 months, for us, feeding him quietly at 11.00pm meant that he would then sleep through to 6.30am, Cheers Heléna

Monday 29 May 07:24pm

Helsyd replied to topic Demazin

Hi Kezz, Just checked our bottle, and 6-12 months is 2.5-3.5mls every 6-8 hours, Hope that helps, and your bubby is feeling better soon! it's usually written on the bottle label, Cheers Heléna

Saturday 20 May 06:40pm

Helsyd replied to topic not happy with chunks!!

my little boy was like that...he still enjoyed finger food, but from a bowl he always wanted mashed/pureed food, just keep persisting eventually he will enjoy chewing Heléna

Friday 05 May 06:04pm

Helsyd replied to topic Boys & Bath

we have never worried about it, mayb got the bath over and done with quicker, but otherwise we have not bothered, and our baby has been very healthy (hoping it stays that way!) Heléna

Wednesday 03 May 07:34pm

Helsyd replied to topic I need your advice Mums

yeah I'd be thinking tights too!...or those pants with the feet sewn in... not sure how annoyed he would get by it all though! Heléna

Friday 21 April 05:55pm

Helsyd replied to topic Our Big Baby

Hi Nicole, This is only my opinion, but we had a big baby too thought not as big as yours! ditto the natural birth! never again! we did feed him as much as he wanted, but did stretch the fee...

Thursday 20 April 04:33pm

Helsyd replied to topic when will her hair come back lol

we are still waiting for our baby to have his first haircut and he is almost 2! Heléna

Sunday 09 April 05:02pm

Helsyd replied to topic Survey: Please complete if your bub was sleeping thru by 3 months of age!

Child's first name: Liam Boy or girl?: Boy Age when started to sleep through: 12 weeks Was this child your first child?: Yes At the time of starting to sleep through: Bottle Fed Number of feeds per...

Friday 24 February 09:23am
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