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Nik621 replied to topic What is your best buget meal

Thanks everyone, lots of yummy things to try. Don't cook a lot of non meat meals as Dh and my boys are very much meat eaters, but I love my veges, can't wait until winter to cook some soups again!!...

Thursday 10 March 06:29am

Nik621 started new topic What is your best buget meal

Looking for your best budget meal, I always seem to cook the same things and would love some new ideas. Heres a couple of mine. Home made sausage rolls Curried chicken chicken, creamy chicken s...

Thursday 10 March 03:54am

Nik621 replied to topic Not circumsised - - 19 month old Boy

Oh ok, well i tried pulling it back and he was saying Owww so im guessing it hurt him.. should i just pull it back still? we saw a specialist about this because with 2 boys one was coming back at...

Wednesday 02 June 12:59am

Nik621 replied to topic 15 mnth old not walking

My first walked at 14 months and second at 16 months, also to all the mums that have kids that turn their feet in, we went to the podiatrist for this and try not to let them sleep on their belly as...

Sunday 07 February 03:09pm

Nik621 replied to topic Two Issues

some kids are skinny some are fat, and some have gaps in there teeth, this is life we are all different and that is the way it is supposed to be! I would never go back to that health nurse as she o...

Sunday 07 February 02:56pm

Nik621 replied to topic Toilet training 2 and a half yr old boy. HELP!

My GP told me if you push them it will only make it harder, my oldest son satrted training when he was 2 and I would put him on the potty in the morning and before bath to begin with, if they didn...

Saturday 16 January 02:28pm

Nik621 replied to topic Lactose issue in 18 month old??

You havent said what she drinks now or as a baby, breast milk and most formulas contain lactose so if she has/ had one of those and didn't have issues its probably not the lactose, baby yoghurt als...

Wednesday 30 December 02:49pm

Nik621 replied to topic Breast feeding and birthing....

I breast feed my first for 4 weeks the second for 4 days and had a c-section, That should be printed in every maternity ward and health centre, we know the truth but sometimes need a little remindi...

Wednesday 18 November 08:41pm

Nik621 replied to topic Singlet Help

I think it depends on the kid, some get hot easily and some don't. You just need to be carefull not to overheat them especially in summer, sot sure how hot it is where you live. My boys 2 and 4year...

Wednesday 18 November 08:25pm

Nik621 replied to topic what do you do when life collides with nap times?

When it came to family outing my kids would just skip their sleeps, unless they wanted to sleep there which was unusual. They were fine, never 2 days in a row though. Maybe just wait until he is ...

Monday 10 August 05:44pm

Nik621 replied to topic Heart Murmur

My son was born with a heart mumur, we had an ultrasound of his heart done and they think it is just an extra sound in there, but will check him again at 4 yrs old. If your child is sick the mumur ...

Monday 06 July 06:51pm

Nik621 replied to topic Nail Biter

My 2 yo is doing it to, not sure how to stop it, sorry

Monday 06 July 06:28pm

Nik621 replied to topic I feel like I have failed as a Mother when my 2 year old doesn't eat well

I have 2 sons one who refuses to eat veges at all and the other who will only eat if they are mixed in with a sauce like stew or even mince with gravy and veges mixed though. It is strange but mayb...

Sunday 05 July 06:35pm

Nik621 replied to topic 14mth old, such a PIG!!!

My son is 2 and is can also eat a lot, but not at breakfast only has 2 peices of toast but at dinner time he eats twice as much as his 4 yo old brother and sometimes as much as me, even if he has b...

Sunday 05 July 06:27pm

Nik621 replied to topic Getting rid of the dummy

When my son broke his last dummy I told him they had none left at the shops and we would get one tommorrow, when we went to the supermarket he forgot about it! he asked for it a couple more times a...

Sunday 05 July 06:14pm

Nik621 replied to topic HELP I HAVE RESENTMENT

I agree with the other posts and i also felt like a phycho mum, I used to wonder what the neighbours thought was going on! The only thing I have to add is that when he does something really good, ...

Sunday 05 July 06:06pm

Nik621 replied to topic Two & a half year old behaviour

I have a son who is 2 years 4 months and he is the same, as is his older brother (3yrs old), I started the time out thing and while it doesn't make them perfect angles it gives you back the control...

Sunday 05 July 05:55pm

Nik621 replied to topic Is he just not ready or plain lazy?

My son was 3 when he was potty trained for wees he will be 4 next month and still wont poo in the potty. I would leave him a bit longer, not sure what kind of kid he is but my son is very stubborn ...

Sunday 05 July 12:01pm

Nik621 replied to topic Is 16 months too young to be ready for toilet training?

He is very young especially for a boy, but if he is showing signs I would go with it, I would just keep on doing what you are and see how it goes. If it happens that would be great but if it doesn'...

Sunday 05 July 11:55am

Nik621 replied to topic refuses to wear jocks

My son had to wear the same colour jocks as dad, he would go and ask dad what colour he was wearing then come and tell me which ones he wanted, if they had prints even his favourite characters he w...

Wednesday 24 June 07:10pm
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