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allison* replied to topic Midwives

Its so they can assess your history and make sure you are suitable for midwives

Friday 11 May 11:15pm

allison* replied to topic They just won't go away.

We have had nits this year, DD1, DS and myself, had to do the whole family and bedding, and DD2 was only a few weeks old, didnt do her but kept a close eye. i spray the kids hair every day with the...

Monday 02 April 06:33am

allison* replied to topic How much would u expect to pay for

Thats ridiculous, the chemist where I am is 19.95 all the time and every 20 baby purchases you get $10 free. I use heinz nuture and at that chemist is 12.95. I only know that as my older kids were ...

Monday 02 April 06:21am

allison* replied to topic Good age difference

I have 18months between 1 and 2 and 22 months between 2 and 3, I love my 18month age gap, was hard in the begining but now they are the best of friends they do fight but the love is unbelievable, b...

Monday 02 April 06:06am

allison* replied to topic Girls Names

My girls as Kayla and Sarina Other names we had for Sarina: Celeste Lara Holly(out for you) Vanessa

Sunday 25 March 01:46pm

allison* replied to topic I have a minor dilemma

Can your Dp with her? And you tell her that mummy loves her and will be there when you get out? I work in an Emergency department and when pregnant mums bring the kids in we wait unless absolutely ...

Sunday 25 March 01:32pm

allison* replied to topic My Huby is really anoying me

I think they just do that, like someone else said they are jealous of you staying home, I had that talk with my DH a few days after he went back to work with DD1, it was very hard on him, as he lov...

Sunday 25 March 01:23pm

allison* replied to topic Toilet Training - poo

no help here but maybe hide the nappies or put them on when she is askeep, poos have been easier to TT with both my kids rather than wees as I started putting them on the toilet early, 12months for...

Sunday 25 March 01:12pm

allison* replied to topic Do you hide food from your toddler?

I dont really sneak things as my kids help me cook, most momce dishes will have carrot, zucchini and spinach, tomatoes in pasta, peas and corn in pies as we all have more vegies this way, they eat ...

Sunday 25 March 01:04pm

allison* replied to topic The ex

I wouldn't feel co,fortable with this, either way with his ex's or mine

Sunday 25 March 12:57pm

allison* replied to topic Hospital Stay 2nd child

Its 4hrs at the hospital I gave birth provided all is well, I stayed 3 days with DS and 3 days with DD2, both were jaundiced and I had high risk pregnancies with GD so they need to be monitored for...

Sunday 25 March 08:46am

allison* replied to topic OH NO-NOT THE C-WORD!

We have an imax, it doesnt look the best but we have so much room, I had to get an extra bar fitted so the bigger kids 3&1/2 and 2 can sit in the back row and my baby is in the middle, large boot, ...

Sunday 25 March 08:33am

allison* replied to topic Relationship with family

I dont know if I would stop speaking to them, but limit their time with the kids. As for belittling your husband that needs to stop. My cousin is divorced, we are not allowed to say anything bad a...

Sunday 18 March 10:01am

allison* replied to topic Vent on DP

Wow we are very tight with our money, DH has had a career change to a lower paying job and just after he left his other job I found out I was pregnant. We have a plan, but still he argues that he ...

Sunday 18 March 09:44am

allison* replied to topic Shopping centre staff

I have a question why are you heating the bottles up? What happens in a black out? I have never heated bottles up for any of my kids. It makes it so much easier, especailly in the middle of the ni...

Sunday 18 March 09:19am

allison* replied to topic Capsule vs. Carseat

I have a capsule with DD2 only because I bought a new pram and it came with it, at almost 8 weeks she is almost too big for it. I had one for DD1 she lasted 4 weeks until she was too long, borrow...

Sunday 18 March 08:54am

allison* replied to topic Baby proofing

the only thing we baby proof from is chemicals we have a single story house, my kids know the cupboards they are allowed in and they are always helping me cook, which will be great when they are older

Sunday 18 March 05:22am

allison* replied to topic Would you sit your baby in a bumbo seat

No, my baby is 7 weeks, she gets put in the rocker and thats about it, never had one with the other kids either

Monday 12 March 07:28pm

allison* replied to topic In 4 hours how my world changed for ever!

I feel for you, I hope he doent get too sick from the chemo, my thoughts are with you

Monday 12 March 07:11pm

allison* replied to topic what do you call your genitals?

My kids use their proper names Vagina (although difficult for DD to say so she says gina) ans penis, balss and testes for DS, the reason they say balls and testes is because DH was telling them a f...

Monday 12 March 07:08pm
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