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mumx1boy replied to topic Extended Breastfeeding Mums.....

Hi all, just noticed this post. Haven't been on for a while due to working fulltime from when DS was 6 months old. He is now 2!! And we are still having early morning feed & last feed at night, som...

Wednesday 10 February 11:26am

mumx1boy replied to topic do u agree or disagree

What would your cous say if you asked him this? Every time you drink a glass of milk are you thinking of that cow's udder that it came from? Or that egg on your toast? That it came from a chicken'...

Wednesday 24 December 12:20pm

mumx1boy replied to topic breast to bottle

Hi, our DS was 5 months when we started breast to bottle. It took him 3 weeks to 'get it'. Just a few tips that helped us: We had him in the high chair every time we offered the bottle (mealtime a...

Saturday 19 July 06:28am

mumx1boy replied to topic Breast to bottle

I have been researching this issue for a while now. I return to fulltime work in 7 days, using the manual pump. Here's some info that helped me in my decision:

Thursday 17 July 12:08pm

mumx1boy replied to topic Survey of names (BOYS)

A Aaron Amos Andrew Archer B Bailey Benjamin* Brandon Brayden Brett Brock Brody* Bryce C Caleb* Cameron*** Campbell Charles Christopher* Cody Coen Cohen Cooper Corey D Damon David Dayne Deacon D...

Thursday 17 July 11:21am

mumx1boy replied to topic Addicited to Chocolate

I have BF for 5 months now & I never ate chocolate before I gave birth, now I have to have some every day, even if it's a biscuit or cake, but Dark chocolate is the best (Old Gold & Peppermint-yum)...

Thursday 03 July 09:30am

mumx1boy replied to topic At what age can you take your baby swimming??

DS started swimming at 13 weeks in a low chlorine, heated pool. It depends where you will be swimming, most council pools have very high chlorine levels, but there are a few specialised centre abou...

Sunday 29 June 08:30am

mumx1boy replied to topic BPA (Bisphenol-A) dangers

just to throw a spanner in the works, have a look at the complete info at Avent: I personally don't think there's a problem with this brand & yes, I am using on...

Sunday 29 June 08:11am
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