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astawa started new topic just need a kind word

Hi, Im just hoping for a kind reassuring word from someone i hope. i know there are really terrible things happening to people in the world and that this is TINY , but today i just feel so sad. I h...

Monday 06 December 08:58pm

astawa started new topic feeding my son stresses me out!!!

My son will not eat any meat, he is nearly two. Its becoming a bit of a battle and all i do is cook him meals and they get thrown all over the place!! Today he ate. One weetbix and milk half a ba...

Wednesday 03 November 04:39am

astawa started new topic anyone second birth easier?

Horrible first birth, sorry 1st time mummys reading this.....please don't worry this is my story and will prob not be yours. Anyway, far too much intervention from dr and refused epidural even for ...

Monday 16 August 09:49pm

astawa started new topic mental health whilst pregnant

I am so annoyed at myself, I have a wonderful 18 month old son and am currently pregnant in the first trimester. I feel so down today, my poor son has watched tv all day and i just feel sick, cold ...

Thursday 22 July 03:38am

astawa started new topic my top baby buys

after having a load of prams highchairs baby slings.......the list goes on i truly recommend new mums, MOUNTAIN BUGGY.....MY 6TH PRAM I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER AMAZING!! ERGO BABY CARRIER.....STILL...

Friday 05 February 07:22pm

astawa replied to topic Be honest....

hi my boy is finn also....great name!! i like it you know but i also like sawyer (huckleberry finn and tom sawyer!!)

Friday 05 February 07:15pm

astawa started new topic never slept through at 13 months

my son has never ever slept through yet he is 13 months. He still will only ever sleep 3 to four hours max most times 2 hrs. then he wakes and we settle him by breast or rocking. will he ever sleep...

Monday 18 January 06:52pm

astawa replied to topic Before i was a Mum

ooohhhhhh that made me cry!!!!! lovey!!!

Saturday 19 December 05:05pm

astawa replied to topic Well I've run out of ideas so it's off to sleep school

We are the same as you.... when people say they only had 4 hours sleep last night i nearlly cry!!! I think i get about an hour and a half at any one stretch!!! but its amazing how you get used to i...

Wednesday 14 October 11:00am

astawa replied to topic Help! Waking all the time overnight

my 6 month old never sleeps more than two hours around the clock and he is a very happy baby .... i figure he will get himself into a routine eventually and theres no point being in battle with a b...

Tuesday 02 June 03:13pm

astawa started new topic HEAVY BOY!!

im not worried about this but just want to see who else has a big baby boy? my boy is 6 months and tall not fat , but he weighs 10.3 kilos.... he has been breast fed on demand and im introducing so...

Tuesday 02 June 02:58pm

astawa replied to topic Jolly Jumpers - What do mums think?

i just bought one for my six month old. he loves it. Id say dont use them to early and get the height right on the adjustable chain, it says toes should just touch the floor but ive been doing it s...

Friday 22 May 12:17pm

astawa replied to topic Does your Mother-in-law know everything?

i would calmly tell her that she is making you feel terrible and that you want to enjoy her being around not dread it....... some times the truth works as she may not realise how smart you are and ...

Saturday 09 May 09:11am

astawa replied to topic Is my baby big?

I think it depends on the length too........i weighed my son at 4 months and he was 8.5 but he has massive hands and feet , he is all in proportion though , a bit chubby but i think thats lovely......

Saturday 25 April 12:22pm

astawa replied to topic Toys for baby

maybe we could all start " the great toy swap" ....... ha ha ha

Saturday 25 April 12:19pm

astawa replied to topic exercise buddie/ new friend for 5 month old needed!!

ohhhhhhh!!!! isnt that always the way!!!! hope you find some people too!!!!

Friday 24 April 11:16am

astawa replied to topic This is my Traumatic birthexperience....anyone relate and still feeling cheated? Would be great to know that I am not alone.

I dont think anyone could understand the utter terror you go through when birthing goes wrong and you dont trust the people looking after you , my story was posted a while ago in newborn forum call...

Wednesday 22 April 06:30pm

astawa replied to topic fast weight gain? am i overfeeding?

dont worry my son was 8.5 kilos at 4 months.... he is just a long strong baby! they are GROWING!! it will all even itself out in the end and babies are like us ...all different shapes and sizes. Al...

Tuesday 21 April 02:57pm

astawa started new topic exercise buddie/ new friend for 5 month old needed!!

hey everyone, im hoping to get a walking buddie for once a week in centennial park, nothing too over the top like jogging just a good old walk in the open air with our kids! my son is going to be 5...

Tuesday 21 April 02:28pm

astawa replied to topic what weight and length is your 4 mth old

my boy is 4 months and 8.5 kilos and very long I think around 68 cm at last check..... i need a shoulder massage he is so heavy but i cant resisit carrying him around and hugging him all day he is ...

Tuesday 07 April 11:53am
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