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pugsley replied to topic Child friendly venues

Me again, There is also Toy Town (or something like that) at Browns Plains. Haven't been there but have heard it is under new management and supposed to be pretty good. Also Garden City shopping...

Tuesday 20 June 12:02pm

pugsley replied to topic Child friendly venues

Hi Kim, Have you tried Lollipops at Cannon Hill. It's just behind Kmart and is the same deal - kiddie play area with coffee shop attached. Take care, Paula

Friday 02 June 11:48am

pugsley replied to topic weaning off bottle!

Hi! I had a similar problem with my DD. She refused to drink milk from anything other than a bottle. My child health nurse suggested adding something to the milk to make it more appealing to tak...

Friday 02 June 11:34am

pugsley replied to topic SMALL 1st b'day party

Hi! I was the same when my DD turned 1 (she has just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago). We had just had her christening, followed by Christmas a couple of months after. So I didn't want to bombard...

Friday 02 June 11:23am

pugsley replied to topic how to host 3yr old party

Hi Catherine, If you go to the "being a parent" tab on this site, then select "skills and activities" there is a whole section on parties. I checked it out the other day as my daughter is turning...

Thursday 04 May 09:21am

pugsley replied to topic Tounge snip or not to snip

HI, My DD is tongue tied. She is turning 2 in a month, but when she was born I had a lot of problems breastfeeding her. My CHN discovered she was tongue tied and said that was my problem. Anywa...

Saturday 29 April 10:40am

pugsley replied to topic May 2004 Toddlers - About to turn "2" what are they up to now?

Hi there! My little girl, Emily, turns 2 on the 20th May. We are planning on having a family bbq on the saturday and on the friday morning I'm just having some friends and their little kids over ...

Saturday 29 April 09:58am

pugsley replied to topic what to give my 9 mnth??

Hi Dan, I'm no expert as I am a new mum too, but I think that I would maybe try putting your baby back onto mashed food for a week or 2 before trying again. My daughter is 11months in a couple of ...

Saturday 09 April 04:54am
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