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Kellybee started new topic Vicks Vapour Rub in Hair

My nearly 2 year old ds has gone and rubbed a jar of vicks vapour rub all through his hair and after 2 washes with kids shampoo, it is still greasy and won't come out! Does anyone have any suggest...

Monday 05 September 11:17pm

Kellybee replied to topic Low Muscle Tone

My DD who is 3.5yrs also had/has low muscle tone. We had extensive physio as although she could sit unaided, she would not hold her weight and would scream whenever we tried (this was when she was...

Tuesday 30 August 02:16am

Kellybee started new topic Test negative

I went to drs the other day as I have been feeling very nausas (sp?), very emotional and generally not myself. However the pregancy test at the drs was negative but she said to do a blood test jus...

Saturday 25 June 11:27pm

Kellybee started new topic 3 year old and sensitive feelings

Lately my 3 yr old DD has become really sensitive and gets upset at the drop of a hat if she is even slightly told off or if something is not going her way. She gets that upset to the point where ...

Saturday 25 June 11:13pm

Kellybee replied to topic Toddler with GDD possiblly CP

I just thought I would give an update as to dd progress for future readers who may have a child going through something similar. Dd started standing unassisted at 19months and started walking at...

Wednesday 15 June 02:09am

Kellybee replied to topic Speaks in the third person - nearly 3yo

My nearly 3yo can string a number of words together but refers to himself as the third person eg. "Can Jack have a drink" or "Jack sit there" instead of "Can I have a drink" etc? He has learnt th...

Friday 13 May 09:17pm

Kellybee started new topic How often does your child need to go?

Hi there. I have a nearly 3 yr old dd who I successfully managed to tt late last year. Since then she has been awesome and I really have no worries with her having accidents anymore. However som...

Friday 14 January 06:54am

Kellybee started new topic TT is exhausting!!!

I have survived day 2 of TT my nearly 3 year old dd. We have had success today in which she has done 1 poo and about 3 wees on the toilet with 2 accidents. However she is asking to go to the toil...

Thursday 25 November 05:22am

Kellybee started new topic How long does it usually take?

Have just started today to tt my nearly 3 year old dd. She did her first wee on the toilet the other day after she told me she wanted to so I thought it was now time to fully train her. However t...

Wednesday 24 November 12:36am

Kellybee replied to topic Pulling themselves up?

My ds who is 12 months has just started to pull himself up but yet again he was a late crawler too (11 months). They all develop differently.

Wednesday 17 November 07:37am

Kellybee started new topic Has anyone got pregnant while on mini pill?

Just weaned my 10 month old from bf but still on mini pill. Since then I have had mild cramps as well as feeling nauscous..similar to what I felt with my other 2 previous pregnancies. My breasts ...

Saturday 28 August 06:36am

Kellybee started new topic Gets upset at dinner time

My 10 month old ds eats a good breakfast - has weetbix and banana plus toast fingers, then has a full bottle. Morning tea is usually a biscuit or piece of fruit. Lunch is yoghurt plus a sandwich ...

Friday 27 August 03:16am

Kellybee replied to topic Having a bad day

If its any consolation my dd (who is now 2 and a half months) is still not walking! She didn't start crawling until 18 months but please don't let that worry you as your child might be completely ...

Wednesday 25 August 12:43am

Kellybee started new topic Period returning

Just wondering how soon did everyone's period return after weaning your little ones from breastfeeding? It has only been a couple of days since I stopped bf and i am having cramps which feel very ...

Tuesday 24 August 10:02pm

Kellybee started new topic Feeling guilty, sad and sore!

Over the past few days my ds who is nearly 10 months has been latching on with his teeth when feeding and it has been painful. I have perservered and even tried telling him off but nothing has wor...

Tuesday 24 August 02:10am

Kellybee replied to topic How to stop comfort feeding

My 9mth old was like that too..would only resettle if I breastfed him but he still kept waking a couple of times a night and I found I was getting really tired. So one night I thought I would try ...

Friday 30 July 09:22pm

Kellybee replied to topic Getting rid of a comfort toy?

For the past couple of days I have actually kept "Daisy" for bedtime only and I was quite surprised she has been good about it. I just keep her entertained and distract her with something else if ...

Wednesday 26 May 01:11am

Kellybee started new topic Getting rid of a comfort toy?

My 2 yr old DD has an "Upsy Daisy" doll which she takes EVERYWHERE with her and its now getting to be beyond the point of obsession. Everything revolves around "Daisy" and if "Daisy" is in the was...

Saturday 22 May 06:38pm

Kellybee started new topic Looking for a double buggy/stroller to hire in Whangarei

I am coming over to NZ from Melbourne beginning of June for 2 weeks to visit family in Whangarei. I have two children, one aged 6 months and the other 2 years. I am looking for a double buggy to ...

Wednesday 21 April 07:00pm

Kellybee replied to topic 4mth old rolling in cot!

I was just about to start a new post about my 4 month old rolling in his cot as well when I read this one as I am now scared to wrap him in case he can't roll back again! I do have one of those ve...

Wednesday 17 March 02:37am
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