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beckyxo replied to topic What should I be doing with my 4mth old?

Hello, just reading your post and thought back a few months, I used gentle row row row your boat, holding onto my sons hands with him in the sitting position both on the carpet and I sung row your ...

Friday 07 November 09:48am

beckyxo replied to topic How much does your 3 month weigh??

Hello, here is a percentile chart range: 3 months= between 4.6kg-7.6kg seems to me your baby fits well into that chart 6kg being the median weight range..

Friday 07 November 09:34am

beckyxo replied to topic 14 months - not walking!!

Hello Melissa, My two sons were both born with bilateral talapies, and their developement in walking and crawling was perfectly fine, your son seems like his happy and healthy and getting used to h...

Friday 07 November 09:23am

beckyxo replied to topic step 2 formula

Hello Tash, first thing I thought of was teething, your son may be teething hence him not drinking, yet being unsettled. I used step 2 formular and it would not hurt to try using step 2 from now, a...

Friday 07 November 09:14am

beckyxo replied to topic Is this wrong to do?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with what you are doing. My son was born with 'club foot' bilateral talapies, and he was also very very strong, he was casted from day of birth and the strength in...

Friday 07 November 09:07am

beckyxo replied to topic How many words is your bub saying at 9.5m

Hello, My son is 11 months and says mumumu, dadada, nanana, teddy, and hmm alot haha, as he says mumumu he clasps his hands and holds them out, Im just waiting for him to say gimmigimmi (while I wa...

Friday 07 November 09:02am

beckyxo replied to topic bottle teats

Hello Tash, Just thought Id answer some questions and starting with yours LOL. My son is 11 months old and I also have a 6 year old, for both children I used bottles and the teets for the age aprop...

Friday 07 November 08:56am
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