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cj2 replied to topic Slowcooker recipes in here.... PLEASE SHARE

the potato bake sounds great how long do you leave it on for? and do you stir it at all? i'm a newy to slow cookers, but loving it!

Monday 07 April 10:55am

cj2 replied to topic Anybody from Murray Bridge and further on

I'm from that way - where are you looking at moving to?

Monday 17 March 07:18pm

cj2 replied to topic Fundraising Ideas

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas !! with all the media now about kids eating healthy, our kindy is also hot on having healthy snacks. does it make selling chocolates a double standard as the kid...

Monday 03 March 08:30am

cj2 started new topic Fundraising Ideas

does anyone have any feedback on good/not so good fundraisers they have seen or been a part of? i'm now on the committee for kindy and looking for some wonderful new ideas, so i'm calling on all y...

Sunday 02 March 09:43am

cj2 replied to topic slow cooker receipes

Thanks Kim - they sound so good - where do you start?!!!

Tuesday 13 November 08:50am

cj2 replied to topic Slow Cooker receipes please...

Hi Helen I've just got a slow cooker and have found recipes on the net. These two I've tried and they were great: WHOLE SLOW COOKED CHICKEN 1 (3 pound) whole chicken, skin removed 1/2 cup chick...

Tuesday 13 November 05:06am

cj2 started new topic New Baby Gifts

I'm wanting to get a gift for a friend who has just had a boy - being number 3. I'm not sure whether they would still want clothes/toys with so many handme downs - what else could I get? or if you'...

Tuesday 06 November 01:44pm

cj2 started new topic 4Ingredients

you can buy it off of their own website Ive just ordered a copy from my local dymocks, as they said everytime they get a batch in they sell out straightaway. Both sell them ...

Friday 12 October 03:44pm

cj2 started new topic Party Games/Activities for 3 and under

We're having a small kids party for DD's first with about 8 little friends. Probably have bubbles, balloons and a pass the parcel - anyone have any other ideas on how to keep the littles amused? T...

Tuesday 02 October 06:15am

cj2 replied to topic Merry-go-round - Womans Weekly cake help...

I saw some the other day at Spotlight in the cake making section and they only cost a dollar or two each, and would be perfect. I was with another Mum who had made that cake and bought them off the...

Tuesday 18 September 04:38pm

cj2 started new topic Slow Cookers

I want to get a slow cooker, but looking for some help as to what brand, how big etc What do you recommend I get?

Thursday 06 September 02:49am

cj2 replied to topic cervical cancer vaccine

just thought i would add that i've found on the govt website under faq's it says: Can I get free vaccine if I tur...

Tuesday 04 September 05:11am

cj2 replied to topic Fathers Day

love the idea of something to put on his desk at work, but DH uses a laptop and no mouse, so I'll have to come up with something else, maybe a small calendar

Saturday 21 July 09:48am

cj2 started new topic Fathers Day

What do you have planned for the day? Any great present ideas out there? without spending tooooo much money, but still meaningful and memorable

Saturday 21 July 05:38am

cj2 started new topic Who do you buy presents for and how much?

With costs of everything going up, just wondering who do you buy presents for and how much do you spend on them? I'm hoping to do some very smart shopping this year to reduce the amount we spend. ...

Tuesday 17 July 06:52am

cj2 replied to topic Inexpensive but WONDERFUL pressie ideas for relatives.

I loved the '$10 and under rellies pressies' thread last year. I'm going to do some calendars for all the great grandies and grandies. Check out kodak/rabbit photo etc as they have templates you c...

Tuesday 17 July 06:47am

cj2 replied to topic What to do when a pet dies?

yeah, maybe i'll just get rid of it myself and answer questions in the morning (if there are any). It was in a separate pot by itself so he hasn't noticed yet. DH isn't around tonight so that sound...

Thursday 12 July 01:15pm

cj2 started new topic What to do when a pet dies?

We've just had one of our fish die and I'm wondering how far to go with telling DS (3 1/2 yrs). We had one die a while ago and he just said "well we'll get another one in the morning then". So this...

Thursday 12 July 12:36pm

cj2 started new topic What Cake have you made?

Looking for some inspiration for a girls 1st birthday cake, so I was thinking something girly like a butterfly, fairy etc, also a 4 year old boys cake What ones have you made and any tips?

Thursday 05 July 06:22am

cj2 started new topic What food for a 'party plan' party

I'm having a Humble Abode party this week and are looking for ideas on what food to have for about a dozen people. Don't want heaps, but was thinking a Spinach Dip in a cob loaf - had one the other...

Tuesday 26 June 10:11am
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