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j.l.h replied to topic Toilet Training

In reply to Tanyas letter back in March.I'm wondering how you are doing now?I also have 3 boys under 3 with slight PNDand feel terrible because my 2 year old is probably ready for toileting but i j...

Saturday 05 July 06:51pm

j.l.h replied to topic Lunch ideas?

nothing to do with lunches. I'm just amazed at how many mums of 3 boys there are! I have 3 boys myself ... Jacob turned 4 this week, Lachlan 2 and Harrison turned 1 this week too.

Saturday 05 July 06:41pm

j.l.h replied to topic CITRUS

My middle son seems to experience the same thing. He turned 2 in March.I noticed you said you have 3 boys under 3... me too! Jacob tuned 4 this week, Lachlan was 2 in March and Harrison had his 1st...

Saturday 05 July 06:29pm
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