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QLD32 started new topic Is your partner refusing you another child?

We have one child 2.5 years old. I desperately want another. My husband doesn't ever want more. There are no real reasons, relationship & money are fine. How do you not feel resentment to you...

Wednesday 12 January 10:54pm

QLD32 replied to topic 1 child and no more?? Anyone else?

If it makes you feel better a friend of mine was telling me about a study in the US which was very comprehensive and credible (sorry she couldnt remember the source exactly) that found that kids wh...

Wednesday 08 December 06:14am

QLD32 replied to topic 1 child and no more?? Anyone else?

We have made up our minds not to give DS a brother or sister. I am 99% happy with our decision but a tiny part of me feels guilty...... Guilty that we are not giving him a playmate/that he will ...

Wednesday 08 December 06:10am

QLD32 replied to topic Does anyone use a natural cream for stretch marks?

I am very prone to stretch marks and got heaps of them in puberty and at times of weight gain. When I was pregnant I used BIO-OIL everyday on tummy, boobs & hips and only got one tiny stretch mark...

Tuesday 07 December 06:47pm

QLD32 replied to topic WANT #2, DH SAYS NEVER

Thank you everyone for your comments. Yes i totally agree it has to be a mutual decision so there will trickery or begging and hopefully he will come around in his own time. I am happy to wait ...

Monday 29 November 11:48pm

QLD32 started new topic WANT #2, DH SAYS NEVER

hi. im at a loss. i would like to start trying for #2, my husband says no. we already have DS 2.5 years old. he is such an amazing little kid, i would just love to see what other wonderful chi...

Monday 29 November 08:15pm

QLD32 replied to topic High Chair - what brand?

love ikea high chair. cheap and light. legs come off into 4 poles. youn put it in the boot and take it with you on holidays or over to the inlaws for lunch.

Friday 03 April 09:24am

QLD32 replied to topic sleeping bags- what do you use?

we just got for ds 10 months, a MERINO KIDS GO GO BAG. a kiwi friend of mine highly recommended it. what makes it better than a grobag is that it is for NB-2 years so it lasts a long time and also...

Friday 03 April 09:21am

QLD32 started new topic New Phil & Teds dash - NZ mums got it yet?

Hi. I'm looking for pram number 3 (you just dont know til you use them how annoying some can be) I am currently pramless I need to make a decision quickly. There is a new Phil & Teds Dash being r...

Monday 24 November 02:11pm

QLD32 replied to topic Excema

DS gets eczema too. One lady on this forum told me a natropath told her it is caused by intolerance to certain foods. So maybe thats why the products you use only work for a limited period because...

Saturday 11 October 08:42am

QLD32 replied to topic Sunscreen under 6 months

sorry... ignore my post, i just scrolled down & saw another mum post the same thing & got replies. must be able to delete your posts somehow, but i cant figure it out.

Friday 10 October 05:23pm

QLD32 started new topic Sunscreen under 6 months

Hi. Did you notice that kids sunscreens, even baby sunscreens say to see a doctor about using on babies under 6 months. Has anyone asked a doctor why that is? I used anyway on my 4 month old, he ...

Friday 10 October 05:19pm

QLD32 started new topic Jolly Jumper

Not really a newborn's equipment.. but there is not equipment forum in the baby section. DS is 4 months and hates to lie down on the floor by himself so always has to be carried or bounced in some...

Sunday 05 October 08:16am

QLD32 replied to topic Where is?

I just grab any clothes off the rack and go into the change rooms at target. They have a bench seat in there and you don't have to go out of your way to the other end of the shopping centre. I o...

Friday 19 September 04:25am

QLD32 replied to topic fischer price bath

Very happy to pass on this information, it is the most useless thing that we bought for our baby!! I think it is tageted for new parents who think bathing a baby is hard and that you need a sling i...

Friday 19 September 04:15am

QLD32 started new topic how much zolaf?

Hi. My friend has been taking zolaf (think thats what its called) for quite a few years for depression. She was on one tablet a day for a while and then cut back to now only take half a day. She h...

Monday 15 September 03:03pm

QLD32 replied to topic Thrush AGAIN! Anyone else with this prob?

Hey by the way Daktarin Oral Gel is $5 cheaper at Chemist Wharehouse than at a regular chemist. I know you go through a few tubes and it adds up.

Saturday 13 September 04:40am

QLD32 replied to topic Rough labour made me not want my baby.

Dear Lilly's mum, Sorry to hear about your traumatic birth and I agree that it would make you not feel that overwhelming love towards your baby at the start. I am in a different boat I had a good...

Saturday 13 September 04:35am

QLD32 replied to topic Chiropractics

Josh's mum, Sounds like Josh had very specific problems and they have been overcome now which is great. In my case there isnt any specific symptematic problems, he can turn his head, move legs fr...

Saturday 13 September 03:51am

QLD32 started new topic Chiropractics

Hey everyone. I have been taking DS to see a Chiropractor for a couple of weeks now to help with colicky episodes he was having. It seems to have helped with the wind pain, but then again he is n...

Friday 12 September 11:15am
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