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jen.hart started new topic My 9month old wont sleep during the day

My little boy is 9 months old, sleeps form 6/7pm through to about 4.30/5 am but we have a problem getting him to sleep during the day. I put him to bed when he shows his tired signs but he plays fo...

Thursday 28 October 10:13am

jen.hart replied to topic Expressing for every feed

We are finally getting it together, Caleb is aving 130mls and sleeping upto 3hrs, we also give him rice cereal twice a day and he will sleep for around 5hrs after that and a bottle of 80mls. I have...

Tuesday 30 March 06:23am

jen.hart replied to topic Most indispensible baby accessories & Equipment

We have a floor gym for Caleb and he has loved since he came home from the hospital. The other 2 things i couldnt do with out is his fisherprice aquirium (plays soothing ocean sounds with lights) a...

Thursday 25 March 01:59pm

jen.hart started new topic Expressing for every feed

I have to express for all of Caleb's feeds due to him being tongue tied. I have had alot of conflicting info on how much he should be having at every feed. Some say 100mls 'cos its breast milk some...

Thursday 25 March 01:53pm
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