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***Mumaof2*** started new topic isoki Polly nappy bag

Does anyone have an isoki polly nappy bag? I've been looking at them but wanted to hear if they are any good from real mums

Thursday 02 January 09:36pm

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Mumma's due in March 2014

Hi all I have friended Tamai and asked to be added to the group so hopefully will join you all there soon

Friday 26 July 09:04pm

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Charli for a girl?

My niece's name is Charli Isabella, I think it's a cute name but i think it's more of a shorten name, Charlotte/Charlize as a name and then Charli for short.

Thursday 10 November 08:38am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Babies Due in June 2012

Hi ladies so i would love to join this fun group, I'm 7 weeks 2 days, due date 20 June. This is my 3rd bubba, so I know what i'm getting myself in for . I'm on facebook more than on here so i wil...

Saturday 05 November 02:23am

***Mumaof2*** started new topic Strippers at 20 weeks????

Ok so I'm getting married and my sister is planning my hens nights but i've just found out i'm pregnant. So my question is do you think it's inappropriate for me to be seeing a male revue show ( t...

Monday 31 October 10:06am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic 6 weeks 3rd pregnancy

I know exactly how your feeling, I'm in the same boat as you, I'm 7 weeks with my 3rd and i look huge already. My back is aching, all my joints are sore and i can already feel stretching and dagge...

Saturday 29 October 09:43am

***Mumaof2*** started new topic snacks

Hi all, so I'm after ideas on some quick, easy and healthy snacks to eat while pregnant. I put on alot of weight with my last baby and dont want to do the same again. Any help is great, thanks

Saturday 22 October 09:51am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Name for bubs while pregnant??

oh i think its a cute nickname, its your husbands way of being involved in your pregnancy and something funny that he can share with baby

Wednesday 06 July 08:46am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic is this normal

totally normal and also after having bubs your cycle might be totally different, mine went from being 28 days on the dot before kids and then around 6 weeks apart after my kids.

Wednesday 06 July 08:43am

***Mumaof2*** started new topic Toy sale catalogue

Big W toy sale catalogue is now on their website, it doesn't have the prices but does show everything on sale so you could start planning, Kmart is on the net tomorrow Have fun shopping mummas

Thursday 23 June 08:24am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Thanks Huggies

I'm glad im not the only one with the door problem, still happy with the toys though.

Wednesday 11 May 07:17am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic whats best for under 3's

My 2.5yr old loved dreamworld. They have wiggles world where you can drive the big red car through the wiggle house. The characters come out and do a show and then you can have your photo taken wit...

Tuesday 26 April 07:18am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic My beautiful 3 month old

I havent had this but i have seen a pillow thing you can buy, its a heart shape with a hole in the middle. You use it when bubs is laying on the floor or when in your view. You buy them from the ba...

Tuesday 26 April 07:08am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Waters breaking

i think its like only 11% of peoples water breaks before they are in really active labour. so chances are it won't happen to u at home I'm one of those 11%. I was bouncing on a gym ball on a t...

Tuesday 26 April 07:01am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Eczema

I was told by the specialist to moisturise after the bath then wait an hour and put steroid on the really bad bits- under knees, elbows and then on the face. This way the moisturiser had time to si...

Tuesday 26 April 06:36am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Stitches (down there)

Yes i am trying to make her feel better about the process and also telling my story. I in no way was implying that you ladies are somehow wrong about the pain, each person has their own threshold a...

Wednesday 20 April 08:33am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Stitches (down there)

I had stiches with both my kids and i never felt a thing. When they were being done i had a local which made it totally numb and i never felt them in the days/weeks after. Im not sure when they dis...

Wednesday 20 April 08:16am

***Mumaof2*** replied to topic Birth plans

I didn't write a birth plan for either of my babies, my plan was to deliver my baby in the safest way possible and to go with the flow. My partner and i talked about what we were happy with before ...

Monday 11 April 07:48am

***Mumaof2*** started new topic how old would, should you?

just wondering from what age did you or would you let your child be in the bath without you staying and watching them? like you putting them in there and then leaving the room to go and check on a...

Wednesday 16 March 08:58am

***Mumaof2*** started new topic Pram

hey all i have a Beema Q 3 wheel pram- black with green trim, great condition- $150 ONO also have an Oi Oi 'oriental lily' nappy bag messenger style- black and white with red inside, only used a f...

Monday 07 March 03:37am
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