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skre77 replied to topic centerlink

I came across this when my twinnies came into the world nearly 2 years ago when looking for entitlements. I rang Centerlink and had it explained to me that because of the increased rates of twin b...

Friday 11 June 07:04am

skre77 replied to topic 30 weeks pregnant with number 3 and leaking milk..

I back the last two posts. It can induce labour.

Sunday 23 May 06:43am

skre77 replied to topic breastfeeding bracelets and necklaces

Mothers Direct is the store for the Australian Breastfeeding Association and they sell them. Or you can just use a silicone bracelet from a charity event or $2 shop.

Sunday 23 May 06:42am

skre77 replied to topic How big were your twins when born

Well Done on making it this far! It is no mean feat to carry let alone parent twinnies, but it is the most joyous time My girls were born at 33 wk 4 days weighing in just on 5 pds each, one 46c...

Sunday 23 May 06:29am

skre77 replied to topic Breastfeeding Twins

My advice - COntact Australian Breastfeding Association in your area. They hold Breastfeeding Education Classes and have lots of help and support for all mums. The classes allow you to see breastf...

Thursday 20 May 06:37am

skre77 replied to topic not leaving nappy on & digging into nappy....yuck!!!!

OK Sleeping bag worked for 2 nights then clever little possum figured it out and got it off...another poo party SOOOOO We couldnt take it anymore and we taped. Tried several combinations of tapin...

Sunday 14 February 05:58pm

skre77 replied to topic not leaving nappy on & digging into nappy....yuck!!!!

Thankyou so much WhoGivz I thought we were the only ones going through this at the moment. Your explanation of what your daughter is doing is EXACTLY what we are going through. I actually havent ...

Sunday 07 February 08:01pm

skre77 replied to topic 3rd cesarean n freakin out!!

Sorry cant help with 3 c-sect but i have had 2. I had epidural and spinal with both which i had no problems with at all I was in labour both times (1st for 17hrs and 2nd with twins for 12hrs) I ...

Sunday 26 April 05:13pm

skre77 replied to topic Did you feed together???

Sorry I know that this thread is a little old so i am just replying in hope that you still need some advice. I BF both tandem (99%) till they were 5 1/2months old using the football hold. They ...

Monday 13 April 05:46pm

skre77 replied to topic TERRIFIED!!!!!!!! n soooo DEPRESSED

Ash you need to get a second opinion or atleast seen by another midwife, obstertrician or even a GP. How did she come to the conclusion that what you are feeling at contractions? Could they not be ...

Monday 13 April 05:27pm

skre77 replied to topic there is proof i am the worst housewife ever - a mouse in my kitchen!

Oh you poor love I read this post this morning and sympathised with you as I sat in my newly clean house that i had spent the good part of the morning on my knees scrubbing (my 3 cherubs are in day...

Thursday 15 January 12:56pm

skre77 replied to topic is this right

Go to your GP or Obst and get a referral letter. Some hospitals have quotas for busy months so that they dont overbook, especially if there are other hospitals in your area. I was told the same t...

Wednesday 14 January 06:06pm

skre77 replied to topic worried breast feeding mum!!!

Just wondering If your let down is too strong for her? MB try expressing for the let down and then put her on once your flow is would be a bit of juggling but perhaps she is gettin...

Wednesday 14 January 01:13pm

skre77 replied to topic my opinion on breast vs bottle

This is the perfect post at the perfect time for me, thankyou. I am just in the process of weening twin girls at 5 months. BF didnt work first time round I perservered for 3 months with DS but trul...

Wednesday 14 January 01:10pm

skre77 replied to topic Premmie Stats

Twin Girls 34 weeks 5pds 6on each 48cms and 52cms (would have come out high jumpers if full term felt like it too) Emergency c-sect after 12 hr labour, flown from rural hospital to metro hosp in la...

Friday 09 January 09:21pm

skre77 replied to topic No more guilt but still feel loss

Thankyou for being brave and putting your story out there. It has made me feel not alone. I've jsut had my second c-sect after praying for a vbac. Emergency again so feeling let down again. I know...

Tuesday 06 January 07:32pm


I have used Heinz Nurture Gold for 3 children now (just starting using it for my twins as weening) and have had no problems. I have had problems with S26, doesnt mix well and constipated baby when ...

Tuesday 06 January 07:23pm

skre77 replied to topic Anglecare sensor monitor vs Tommee Tippee Sensor Monitor - whats best?

Just FYI We used Anglecare for our first son... loved it would use it again. Since we were having twins and not able to use the anglecare movement function, we did our research and found a sensor c...

Tuesday 16 September 04:03pm

skre77 replied to topic My little girl

Congratulations All the very best for your family A beautiful girl with such big brothers to protect her.

Tuesday 16 September 01:08pm

skre77 started new topic skre - Twin girls

2 beautiful girls Charlotte Rose Chloe Grace 34wks 3 days 2626gr 2586gr 17th Aug 7.30am 7.31am Length -52cm 48cm Head - 33cm 34.5cms Emergency C-sect 12 hrs labour Mercy ...

Tuesday 16 September 01:04pm
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