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*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Cody, Nate & .................

My pops name is Leo & my sister is Lee so I'd like the middlename to be symbolic of them! I actually like Levi the best as it takes my sister & pops 'LE' & the 'EV...

Tuesday 28 October 12:21pm

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Cody, Nate & .................

Thanks ladies! Will run them all by hubby! Funny as lots that were mentioned are already family names eg dad is Kye, uncles are Beau & Zac, Taj is his brothers middle name & his cousin is...

Tuesday 28 October 12:49am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic opinions on names

Dylan or Cassandra with either middle name for me! Although Nate Alexander would beat Dylan but I'm biased!? Good luck deciding!

Monday 27 October 02:57am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Jane likes Claudia, Daisy or Matilda. What do you think?

I love Daisy but think Matilda or Claudia go perfectly with Harriet!? Good luck deciding!

Monday 27 October 02:54am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Torn between two names, need your help please!

Ooo I loooove Cassidy by far!

Monday 27 October 02:51am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Pronunciation of this name?

Day-men U could always go with Damien if u don't want to worry about pronunciation!?

Monday 27 October 02:50am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Help! Baby girl names.

First name I thought of was Alexis....bit more formal/traditional for hubby but u can call her Lexi which is much more spunky/modern!?? Other ideas ~ Alana nn Lani Josephine nn Josie Violet (o...

Monday 27 October 02:48am

*cody+nate'smummy* started new topic Cody, Nate & .................

It's a 3rd boy!!! What's the first name u think of please?? Needs to be short, sweet, spunky & easy to say/spell like his bro's! CODY, NATE & ................. Thanks in ad...

Monday 27 October 02:38am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Due in November 2014

Oh wow myunexpectedblessing...sounds super scary but I'm glad all's turned out fab for lil Ryan! All's going great here...only 17 more sleeps til I meet my lil man!? (Not that I'...

Monday 27 October 02:35am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic opinions please! - Aurora, nice or not

I think it's beautiful!

Tuesday 14 October 02:24am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic We have decided on REEF, what does everyone think??

I love it too! Super cool, spunky & easy to spell & pronounce!

Monday 13 October 03:54am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Does it really matter how popular a name is? 3 days til DD and not sure on name

If u love it just go for it! It's hard to find the "perfect" name as it is! My sons name wasn't even in the Top 100 when he was born but there was still a boy with the same name...

Monday 13 October 03:52am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Boys name list- what's your pick please?!

I'd go with Tobias Matthew & call him Toby! William & Tobias or Will & Toby sound perfect together! Good luck deciding

Monday 13 October 03:46am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic opinion on name

How are u going to pronounce it?? Laikan.... Liken?? (Lai as in Kai) Or Lake-en?? I like the 2nd one but not sure how'd I'd spell it either!? I'm thinking Layken maybe??? Kinda m...

Monday 06 October 03:19am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Helen likes Ari, Aili or Viva. What do you think?

Ari or Emmeline but I prefer Emme even more! TBH Aili looks unfinished to me & Viva just makes me add Las Vegas to it!? What about Isla or Violet!? Good luck deciding!

Monday 06 October 03:09am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Baby gender - has you scan ever been wrong?

I'm having a 3rd boy! I think you're just in denial like I was for weeks as I desperately wanted a girl! I've had them check 3 times now & the boy bits haven't dropped off y...

Wednesday 01 October 05:00pm

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Middle name suggestions

Peyton Willow or Elise ~ both beautiful so u can't go wrong!? Good luck deciding

Monday 29 September 02:53am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic 39 weeks pregnant and still can't decide on name! Help!!

I love Lylah the best but would spell it Lila! I love Leila/Layla or Lani & Lexi too! Hallie would be my 2nd choice or Callie! Good luck deciding!

Monday 29 September 02:52am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Sister for Elsie Jane - HELP!!

Mae is the first name that came to mind!? Elsie Jane & ............... Mae Daisy Mae Lucy Mae Josie Otherwise ~ Abbey Delilah Jasmine Isla Lara Mia Sadie Good luck deciding

Monday 29 September 02:47am

*cody+nate'smummy* replied to topic Due in November 2014

Oh wow....huge congrats Myunexpectedblessing!! So exciting u have ur baby girl already! How any weeks were u? Why was she early? Is everything ok? Sorry bout the 20 Q's!? So happy for u!

Saturday 27 September 06:48pm
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