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mel11 started new topic Thank you

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all your wonderful advice and techniques. I have been using the settling techniques and telling as many people as I can about it, and my boy h...

Sunday 03 September 01:09pm

mel11 started new topic 2 yr old takes forever to fall asleep!!!

Hi there, This problem has been ongoing for about 4 months now and I feel I have tried everything-help!!! My son has been an excellent sleeper since birth and I have always implemented the feed, pl...

Saturday 21 January 12:49pm

mel11 replied to topic "low placenta"

I also found out at 18 wk scan that I had a low lying placenta-in fact it was completely covering my cervix- and was told that I would definately need a c-section. I am 38 weeks now and after 3 hos...

Saturday 05 November 11:40am

mel11 started new topic Exclusive Book Offer

Hi there, I am keen to get a copy of your DVD and book 'It's time to sleep" form the Huggies Members Exclusive Book Offer but each time I try it says the page is temp unavailable..Is there any othe...

Friday 04 November 06:55pm

mel11 started new topic Almost 2 and sleeping pattern changing

Hi there, My boy is just about to turn 2 and for the past 3 months he has been waking some nights around 1am and staying awake for 2-3 hours talking to himself, calling out, laughing and kicking th...

Thursday 13 October 10:40am

mel11 started new topic PLacnta praevia

I was diagnosed with grade 4 placenta praevia at 23 weeks and spent a week in hospital then with only a slight bleed. I have just had a 33 week ultrasound that detected my placenta had moved and wa...

Friday 30 September 07:03am

mel11 started new topic Placenta Praevia- scared!!!

It's me again- I have been worrying myself sick over the fact I have been diagnosed with Placenta Praevia Grade 4 (serious) and had a week in hospital (2 weeks ago) with a slight bleed. They let me...

Friday 05 August 05:56pm

mel11 started new topic placenta previa

Hi there, At my 19 week ultrasound I was diagnosed with Placenta previa...and told that if the placenta hasn't moved by my 32 week ultrasound I may need a caesar. My first pregnancy was trouble fre...

Sunday 17 July 11:33am

mel11 started new topic Wakes every night and talks for 2+ hours!!!

My 18mth old son has always been an excellent sleeper but in the last month he has been waking almost every night at around 2am chatting and laughing and screaming(occasionally). This goes on for a...

Wednesday 18 May 10:22am

mel11 replied to topic Wrapping becoming a hassle

In answer to your question, I now settle him by placing him on his side and putting the dummy straight in, handing him a cloth nappy to hold and pulling up the blanket and lightly tucking it in to ...

Friday 10 September 04:11pm

mel11 replied to topic Wrapping becoming a hassle

Thank you Maree, I haven't wrapped him for the last 3 sleeps and he settles really well,and sleeps quite well, waking a little sooner than before. Will his sleep become longer again as he becomes ...

Friday 10 September 06:29am

mel11 started new topic Wrapping becoming a hassle

I have wrapped my boy since he was born and is now 9 months old. He is a fantastic sleeper both day and night and I am confident with my settling techniques as we have never had a bad night and he ...

Thursday 02 September 05:43pm

mel11 replied to topic Anyone else wrapping at 7 months

Hi My boy is 9 months old now and I have wrapped him from day one which has been a lifesaver as he has always been a fantastic sleeper both day and night. I would love to not have to wrap him as wh...

Thursday 02 September 05:23pm

mel11 replied to topic she squirms herself awake

I am a true believer in a wrapped baby. My son is only 10 weeks old and sleeps 12 hours a night, wrapped. I firmly wrap his body and lay him in his cot on his side with a support front and back (r...

Monday 01 March 02:04pm

mel11 started new topic Settling to sleep

After struggling with breastfeeding at around his 2 week mark(growth spurt)and having a baby who would wake up screaming 1/2 hour after every feed, squirming with what looked like pain in the belly...

Sunday 29 February 09:32pm
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