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stef2909 replied to topic Oricom Secure700 Baby monitor

Hi, if it's giving you trouble you need to call the number and talk to someone, even if you did take it back to the shop they won't do anything, I have 2 Oricom monitors and the last one I bought g...

Sunday 03 June 06:35am

stef2909 replied to topic What age can you stop sterilising bottles?

As soon as your baby starts playing with toys there is really no point in sterilizing. I personally don't see the real need to sterilize these days anyway - I do however, my bub is just over 3 mon...

Tuesday 10 April 05:39am

stef2909 replied to topic Sinus and flying when pregnant?

I would use a decongestant nose spray if I were you, I have had major sinus issues since being pregnant with number 2! I actually had surgery 3 days ago to fix it - I'm still recovering atm - and t...

Saturday 31 March 04:12am

stef2909 replied to topic I feel like a rotten mother

I find that both my boys benefit from a 'rest' just as much as an actual sleep. I think my 21 month old is going to start dropping his day sleep soon, yesterday he went to bed but didn't sleep, in...

Saturday 03 March 03:04am

stef2909 replied to topic Can you vomit blood

I threw up blood clots when I was pregnant with ds2, I went to the hospital, wasn't in any pain at all, felt completely normal. Turns out I probably tore the lining of my stomach because of all th...

Saturday 03 March 02:52am

stef2909 replied to topic Valentines Day

I usually just cook DH a fabulous meal for valentines day - 3 courses real flash and yum, always goes down well

Friday 10 February 04:19am

stef2909 replied to topic where do you put your newborn during the day?

Hi, my little one is 5 weeks old today, I have a cradle swing in the lounge that she sleeps in during the day which is good for either awake or asleep time - it plays music and has a mobile and stu...

Thursday 09 February 04:23am

stef2909 replied to topic Losing a lot of weight breastfeeding!!

I'm so jealous, every time I've breastfed I have put weight on,and I have to wait till I've finished bf to lose it again. Its so annoying, if I skip a meal I don't have as much milk, and it complet...

Tuesday 07 February 07:22am

stef2909 replied to topic Just curious

Hahaha well if I'm already making myself sounds crazy, I'll also admit that I don't let other people hang out or fold my washing as if it's not done the way I do it, then I'll do it again! I also ...

Sunday 15 January 04:39am

stef2909 replied to topic Switching to Cow's Milk

Personally I wouldn't switch it out, just because there's so many more nutrients and vitamins and stuff in the toddler milk, also babies can be really sensitive to cows milk, I started giving my DS...

Monday 19 December 04:37am

stef2909 replied to topic 30 week ultrasound and baby is small

I'm the exact same,except at 30 weeks my bub was only on the 10th percentile, but now at 36 weeks she's back up to the 30-40th percentile. It's really not a concern unless they are under the 10th ...

Sunday 18 December 12:03am

stef2909 replied to topic Polyhydramnios - Too much amniotic fluid.

Hi, my mum had polyhydramnios when she was pregnant with my brother, they drained her fluid the same way they do an amnio, with a long needle. She was also on bedrest from about 30 weeks in hospit...

Saturday 03 December 12:06am

stef2909 replied to topic Swollen Lymph Node??! Worried..

Hi, my DS had a swollen Lymph node, he was 2 and it appeared overnight and was really quite big, i took him into the doctor the same day and they put him straight on antibiotics, which cleared it u...

Wednesday 30 November 09:42pm

stef2909 replied to topic Very worried

Thanks everyone, I should update this now. All the panic is over, it looks like everyone over reacted over an incorrect measurement, because in all the scans I have had since the first worrying ...

Tuesday 29 November 07:21pm

stef2909 replied to topic Opinions on Cars

I have a territory and I absolutely love it!! We got it a week after DS1 was born and it's been brilliant for the last 3 years and I don't see us upgrading any time soon. It's never given us any t...

Tuesday 29 November 04:33am

stef2909 replied to topic Opinions on Cars

Oops double post

Tuesday 29 November 04:32am

stef2909 replied to topic When does it become inappropriate

I've been wondering the same thing, we all shower together at the same time every night (we have a huge double shower so there's plenty of room for the whole family) the kids rarely have a bath jus...

Monday 28 November 11:28pm

stef2909 replied to topic Deciding to go a elective ceaser (never had 1 b4) so i can get my tubes tied.

I'm having an elective cs this time due to emergency cs last time, and I had initially thought I would definitely get my tubes tied when I had the cs, but I've changed my mind since then, combinati...

Monday 28 November 05:30am

stef2909 replied to topic How involved was your mum in your pregnancy?

I am really close to my mum, she lives 10 mins away and I talk to her every day and see her most days, but I feel like my pregnancies have been for me and my DH, so my mum never came to any appoint...

Saturday 26 November 12:32am

stef2909 replied to topic What can you eat for lunch when out?

I have the same problem, I used to live on sushi and I would always eat it when I went out, or a sandwich or something, but now if I have to grab something while out, I just make sure it's hot, and...

Friday 25 November 08:25pm
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