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Maree77 replied to topic Did you drink coffee when TTC?

I can't give up coffee!!! We're currently ttc #3 too!! I'm in the 2ww and am still drinking 2-3 a day, but like you it's my only caffeine in take during otherwise I drink water....

Friday 30 August 07:12pm

Maree77 replied to topic Noah's having a wee brother and we need name help please!

Oh, oh, I LOVE Arlo!!! And Samuel!!! That's our boys name!! Haha can't go wrong with a Sammy, Sam or Samuel....xx

Saturday 10 August 09:54pm

Maree77 started new topic my sons version of

Hehehehe dancing in your wee is surely cute, yes?? My boy didn't toilet train until over 3, so I had many of dancing, playing, talking to the wee moments.... Fun times, enjoy and don't r...

Saturday 10 August 09:51pm

Maree77 replied to topic Is Zac too similar to Isaac??? Name stealing or not???

I lov zac!! And no way should you be worried its too much the same!! Completely different and RAD in their own right xx

Saturday 10 August 09:45pm

Maree77 replied to topic Won't eat veges

Sounds like he is getting enough food and nutrients from what he is eating!! It's hard not to worry but they don't need much and the bigger deal you make out of it the worse it gets!! I j...

Saturday 10 August 08:58pm

Maree77 replied to topic Ear piercing with needle or gun?

I love earrings I think if she is old enough to want them and understands its a little painful and a big deal, then let her have a go, if she just gets one done, them so be it too!! I had all my e...

Saturday 10 August 08:42pm

Maree77 started new topic Best pregnancy supplement?

I use blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding gold. It's been wonderful for me, I have been either pregnant and or breastfeeding for the past 5 years and have always found it very beneficial fo...

Saturday 10 August 04:06pm

Maree77 replied to topic Sleeping on his tummy is the only thing that keeps him asleep. Good idea or not ???

My second boy was a tummy sleeper also. He slept right next to me, so I was always there. I think if your comfortable and bub is, then yes I would consider it. It definatly helps with the transfer ...

Friday 09 August 12:13pm

Maree77 replied to topic Toddler development

Sounds like my lo too!! Perfect developing mind and body

Friday 09 August 12:09pm

Maree77 replied to topic I'm a horrible person :(

Oh Hun, don't feel bad AT ALL what you have just described would be so common! It sounds ever so familiar here when my second boy was that age, 8mths was such a tough time for us here too thi...

Friday 09 August 09:56am

Maree77 replied to topic Vent #people suck.

How upsetting for you guys its no ones business but YOURS!! I don't understand how people can't be happy for another baby, child, person entering the world! Sounds like you guys are lovi...

Friday 09 August 09:32am

Maree77 started new topic Well that was random

How nice! Enjoy a coffee?

Tuesday 06 August 12:55pm

Maree77 replied to topic Is this right in your opinion?

Yep, I've heard this too... Im trying not to buyin to it, as I would really love s girl third time round but don't want to gety hopes up!!

Tuesday 06 August 12:54pm

Maree77 replied to topic Daycare drop off

My boy screamed at drop off for 18mths... He was always fine in minutes after I left. He's just showing you he will miss you, don't feel bad, he would really enjoy his day there!!

Tuesday 06 August 12:52pm

Maree77 replied to topic Chosen Caesarean

Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Is this your first baby? It's so overwhelming the thought of labor isn't it? Hugs. If there is no medical reason for your elective c section then I agr...

Tuesday 06 August 12:49pm

Maree77 replied to topic We are off to sleep schoool :)

How old is Noah? Glad you found some helpful tips with sleep school. Just to let you know, it's NORMAL for babies through to toddlerhood to wake during the night until 2-3 yrs of age, sometime...

Tuesday 06 August 12:43pm

Maree77 replied to topic Should I be upset?

Hehehehe I'm just giggling for you because she has NO IDEA what's coming in the years to come.... I would try not to be offended, just have a giggle, it should make you feel better. let h...

Monday 05 August 02:03pm

Maree77 replied to topic So much for an early night!

Nawwww poor luv my boy did that once, woke in the morning like nothing had happened!! Just a vommy in his sleep and that was it?!

Monday 05 August 07:58am

Maree77 replied to topic Do you feel pressured to have a chubby baby?

I have tall slim bubs here... I got really peeved and yes, felt so much pressure to chub my first up! He wasn't into solids ect, so I did worry that's why he was thin, but then I had my s...

Sunday 04 August 09:43pm

Maree77 replied to topic My little man is 6 1/2 weeks old and wont sleep

Wow! That seems like great chunks of sleep for. 6 1/2 wk old!!! 7-2 at night?! Wow! Perfectly normal newborn behavior hun.... My boys were always cat nappers too, but they also woke a lot at night...

Sunday 04 August 09:35pm
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